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We need a new license for our forum.

Since last year I have not had access to our license as the person who originally purchased it has now disappeared and shows no signs of returning. Because of this we need to purchase a new license in order to update our forum software and stay legal as we have no way of knowing if our software is properly licensed any more. This as you can imagine is unacceptable.

The cost of a new license is $140, I have set the goal to $10 more just to cover paypal expenses. If there is any left over it will be transferred to the usual donation kitty.

This is a top priority to get sorted. We can not go on using unlicensed software (if that is the case) for long so please, if you can afford it please help us out.

If you would like to help out you can view the donate page here. This will allow you to donate by paypal which is quick and easy.

As a bonus to anyone who donates they will get a special medal below their username showing that they have donated to the cause. You can view the badge below my username right now. This will be removed from my profile once the donation drive is done. It is just there for preview purposes right now. (previous donators will get similar treatment in the future, just not right now. More info to follow in the coming weeks)
A live shard is now available to test Enhanced Client support.

It is part of the JustUo community but the files are public and shared with ServUo.

@dmurphy has given me permission to post an invitation on here to anyone who is interested in testing out EC support. Just play as your normally would, and report back any issues that you find as a reply to this post.

Port: 2593

Requirements to play:

- Download and install the EC client if you don't already have it
- Then download unzip and drop the UoSaLoader files ( found below ) into the EC client file
- Login IP and Port is now included in the file download below
- Run the program "uo-ec-loader" and you should be able to create an account and play as normal

Thank you

* Update: It's been reported that the first Loader was missing a file. I've uploaded an update.
A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Also, in the event that I do not get another opportunity, let me wish everyone a very blessed Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

Whether you follow the traditions of Santa, or the gift of the Baby Jesus in the Manger, or the lighting of the Menorah, I wish you peace and happiness and the love of friends and family.

God bless.

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to say thank you to those who have forked ServUO and are actively submitting pull requests for review. Your hard work is paying off in taking this community forward!

However, I have been receiving a few complaints that the project doesn't build when compiling in Visual Studio.
The main reason for this happening is, when new files are added, they are not being "included" in the project as far as VS is concerned. Even though ServUO.exe still compiles without issues, if you use VS to compile, you end up with missing reference errors.

I would like to remind all contributors to make sure any new files they add to the project are included in the VS project solution.

Excluded files and folders appear white in VS 2010 Ultimate and later versions; in Express versions, the option to see excluded files is not available.
You can show these excluded files by selecting the "Server" or "Scripts" project in the Solution Explorer pane and then clicking the "Show All Files" button;

When you find an excluded file or folder, right-click it and select "Include In Project" to make them a part of the solution.
Please do NOT include /bin or /obj folders and do NOT include /Scripts/Output

Lastly, before you submit a pull request, please make sure you can fully compile the server using VS as well as using the BAT files - if we follow these simple guide-lines, we will reduce issues and conflicts for the entire community!

Thanks again for all of your continued support of ServUO, together, we will always come out on top!
Just a few updates to the repo.

  • Added instanced peerless bosses Stygian Dragon and Medusa as per OSI. Thanks to
  • Added the required decorations to the createworld commands and deco files.
  • Changed the xml spawn files we use to the same ones JustUO use. They are superior. Old spawn files are now in /spawns/old.
This is just a post to let people know that the poller is currently disabled for maintenance. It could be down for up to 48 hours as I need to find and fix a memory leak. This is due to a problem in mono that is not there on windows where I developed the poller. This was causing the forum instability the last few days.

This means that new shard info will not show up on the list until I fix this.
Hey guys,

Been working on a few things in the last few days and are ready to launch them.

First off is our new script tagging system. This allows you to tag any distro CS file and link directly to the github page for easy access. This is accomplished by using the # character much like you would tag a user using the @ character.

For example:


There is probably an issue or two with this that need to be ironed out. Let me know if you notice any!

Secondly is we have finally opened a wiki. The wiki is bare right now and is open for anyone to add content. I would much appreciate it if users could start adding tutorials and such to it in their spare time. It is a community project and I hope we can get something really good going in there.

I will add some stuff in the coming days myself to get started.

That's it for now. I am still working on the shardlist and launcher. Not much else to report though on that end.

Again let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
A little update,

I just rebuilt the web server ServUO was on (It was a mess).

We were using Apache before for HTTP but now are using nginx, I don't think this will cause any problems but if you notice anything out of the ordinary please post in this thread so I can fix it :)

I also moved the server to another location so there is a new IP. This might cause propagation delays for some people meaning the site may load slowly or not at all for some people for the next 24-48 hours. This is normal and will iron itself out after some time.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE URL TO THE API HAS CHANGED TO http://services.servuo.com/uoapi

Another great release from ServUO :)

Since marks art API went down a while back and didn't contain the latest graphics I recreated it for us here at ServUO

It is quite simple to use.


The {HUE} param is optional.

For example:

I have also fixed the UO art bbcode.
Code (C#):
  1. [uogump=100][/uogump]

Code (C#):
  1. [uoitem=100,4][/uoitem]

Code (C#):
  1. [uomulti=10][/uomulti]

Code (C#):
  1. [uoland=50][/uoland]
Bit of excitement here at ServUO tonight. This announcement is not about the ServUO emulator repo, it is about the website.

For the past while I have been working on an improved web experience here at ServUO and have finally completed enough to release what I have. The biggest change you will see is the style of the website, it is a lot different I know, but it is MUCH faster than before and much easier to work with. There may be a few issues with some things not displaying correctly. Please let me know if you find any though I am pretty sure I got most of the bugs.

The second new feature is the ServUO Shard List. I am very excited about this one. I worked through the weekend getting this ready and while it is missing a few features I would like to have I feel it is complete enough to release version 1 of it. It will get much better over time including a replacement for the original UOGateway by mr fixit and ConnectUO by jeff. More on this later though.

You can find the shardlist here. I hope everyone here will add their shard so we can test the system.

Current features of the shardlist:
  • Add/edit your shard
  • Add descriptive information on your shard. This is basic right now but in the future you will be able to create a description using bb codes. This will allow you to create a listing as easy as a post here.
  • Shard voting. Shard voting works a little different here at ServUO. Each user is given a bank of 3 votes. Once a user has votes for those 3 shards then they may not vote for another shard until they remove a vote from another shard. This will limit cheating whereby the same user on the same shard votes every day upping the shard votes by one at a time. You might recognise this system from UOGateway, however there each user has just one vote. You may only use one of your votes on a shard.
  • Shard favorites. This is different to voting, it just adds that shard to your favorite list which you...