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ACC Systems Updated 2020-09-18

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If you're looking for something more current, please check out Ishya's version
-edit done-
This has been redone to work with the version of ServUO release back in January of 2020.

The familiar's have been changed to the Ranger system to have dragon breath and have breath weapon removed as breath weapons no longer exist.

The spellbook gump has been altered with an 'x' button at the bottom to make it easier for players to use the books. (Essentially making it so it's harder to accidentally close the books since opening those books all the time and accidentally closing them could be a matter of life and death for some players).

That's all that's been updated. I may do some more alterations.

I did not make this system at all, and as such I am not actively supporting this system either. Please note that factions do not exist in the current ServUO and as such, if you use my forked version of the system you will need to edit factions out.
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