Achievement System

Achievement System

No permission to buy ($14.99)
Current ServUO
***You will need a recent version of ServUO to run this system***

Enjoy a basic System for players who love accomplishment! Currently with over 650 achievements, this system tracks various tasks and keeps track. Use commands or a simple edit in PlayerMobile.cs (not necessary, but you can find directions in the scripts readme file) for a access to the GUI via context menu.

If you have my PVP Tournament System, you can uncomment out UsingTournamentSystem in AchievementSystem.cs. You can find the PVP Tournament System here:

Once payment is received, PM me on these forums and I will send you the complete file via zip upload on the forums after I verify your payment. Thanks!


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    Hello! AchievementSystem version fixes a potential crash, and adds support for new timed...
  2. Update 4/5/2020

    Edited: 4/5/2020 version fixes crash.