Adventurers of Akalabeth

Shard Pack Adventurers of Akalabeth

Both World and Client packages.
Adventurers of Akalabeth is a single or multi-player adventure game that was based on the work of Djeryv for over a decade. The world consists of elements of ideas, graphics, maps, and animations...
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First release
Last update
3.67 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest Updates

  1. Archmage - 25 February 2024

    -Both client and server update. -Research bags now hold 50,000 of need items like scrolls...
  2. Beggar - 19 February 2024

    This is an important (yet small) update and it is both a CLIENT and WORLD/SERVER update. Replace...
  3. Enchanter - 12 February 2024

    Nothing major here, but an update nonetheless. - Fixed map decoration issues in Dungeon Clues...
  4. Cultist - 30 January 2024

    From what I uncovered, Razor doesn't seem to care if a gump has a button visible to the player...
  5. Barbarian - 21 January 2024

    Not a big update, but I like to push out the changes consistently so folks can have the latest...