Animate Hue Interface

Animate Hue Interface

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*Completely rewrote the core of this system to utilize Interface

+Will update main post with new feature!
*Change the core system to use One Time (You will need that system in order to use Animate Hues)
*Added bat mobile as an example of a mobile in the system
*Updated the robe, you'll need to delete the old ones, if you do not want to use the new robe, just change the script to use Robe as the base

*Added floor tiles that can be set to any hue and any range within the hue file. [Add SpecialFloor [hue] [range] ie : [Add SpecialFloor 2 5 <This will add a tile that starts at hue number 2 and cycle through the next 5. Another example [Add SpecialFloor 1175 50 <This will add a tile that starts at hue number 1175 and cycle through the next 50.

Check out the new robe and tiles in video!
*Changed special robe to a more appealing color scheme

*Added more constructor support, you can either use [add specialrobe (Which will add a random robe from 1 to 209) or you can now use [add specialrobe # (1-209 can be selected, as of this update, any other number defaults to 209 if not between 1-208)

Here is a layout of all the robes, the 200 generic colors, 8 elemental colors and the special color 209!
Added Special Hues : 8 out of 209 chance to get one, Plus one very special hue, 1 in 209 chance to get

You'll need to delete the old robes, I changed the save/load without a version change, no biggie, just a warning!

*PASSED -Server load test with 100 NPC's w/robe