Animate Move Interface

Animate Move Interface

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One Time is Require for this Interface**

This is an interface to attach to an item to give it moving animation

As of now, you can place moving tiles by the following command and use the IAnimateMove on your items to add this feature!
[add Mover <ItemID> <Hue>  <Direction> <Distance> <Speed>

[add Mover 0 <Hue>  <Direction> <Distance> <Speed> //Use this for Platform

ItemID Is what ever you want the mover to look like, set 0 for the default platform ID

Hue Is the color you want the mover, set 0 for default item appearance


Z Up = 1
Up = 2
North = 3
Right = 4
West = 5
Z Down = 6
Down = 7
South = 8
Left = 9
East = 10

Distance is the total distance in Z/Tiles from where you place it and where you want it to go in that direction, it will auto return to the starting point once the distance is traveled!

Speed is set default to 1/10 sec which is 1, to decrease speed, increase the 1 to 2 or more! As of this release the fastest speed is 1!

Example Elevator - that moves up and down one wall(20z Height) segment.
[add TileMover 0 0 1 20 1

Once the tile is added, double click it to turn on/off as Staff, players can not turn them on/off

***Forgot to add -> Movable = false; to both the Mover and Shadow, will be fixed next release, Add manually for now!
***MoveCycle is not implemented yet, will be for next release!

Check out a video of them in action!

    public interface IAnimateMove
        bool IsRunning { get; set; }    //Turns On/Off Animation

        List<PlayerMobile> PM { get; set; }  //for Players that interact with the item
        Shadow shadow { get; set; }         //For attached shadow if item above the ground

        int MoveDirection { get; set; }       //Move Direction
        int MoveDistance { get; set; }        //Move Range

        int MoveSpeed { get; set; }      //Frequency of moving
        int MoveCount { get; set; }      //Counter for Speed

        bool MoveCycle { get; set; }     //true is smooth back and forth, false is once at end it repeats from start
        bool MoveForward { get; set; }   //Sets direction of move if cycle true
        int MoveCounter { get; set; }       //Keeps count of movement
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