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Baby Quest 2.0

Debbies Baby Quest

  1. JBob
    I got on an old computer and found this quest i got from a friend. I worked on her server for a bit and got to know her well.

    I don't really want to go into detail on what this quest actually stands for(Without Her Consent) but it was made in her Honor.

    SphericalSolaris claims to have created this but it was in-fact stolen from the DebbaDoo server that he worked on and i figured i would update and get the record strait.

    Talk to Debbie to start the quest. She well send you off in search of her baby.
    Once you find the baby bring it back to Gary and you will receive a special Sash and some Baby Powder.

    Place this folder in your customs folder and start the server.

    Place Mother(Debbie) and Father(Gary) here...
    View attachment 1780

    and Spawn the BabyChest outside Cove here...
    View attachment 1781

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    1. Dear Debbie & Gary
    2. If you find and read this...
    3. I post this with Love, in Honor of You and Gary.