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Beautified Powerscroll Picker 1.1

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It's originating script comes from
NoSkill's Powerscroll Picker

This has some major changes to it, with those major changes, more items, and some 'extras' that are from my original changes which you will see from my post on that thread.

This one though, I included Powerscroll120, Powerscroll115, Powerscroll110, and Powerscroll105 due to my changes being an html insert to make the powerscroll look a lot nicer and easier to read. No offense to NoSkill, but I wanted my gump to look a lot nicer.

The original script is his, the gump is mine.

Giving credit where credit is due, Methril was the original creator of the script. This script also adds the little 'nuances' of the other skills that weren't included (probably due to it being for an older version of UO). Those have been added, the entire list is also alphabetically ordered, etc.

I do not claim ownership to anything in that script besides the gump art. I was pretty proud of that.

As seen below, this is the gump, that number will reflect the powerscroll level in question.

And remember - Happy gaming guys!

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