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Maps Blank Water Map 1.0

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So, I wanted to be able to draw a map from scratch on my own... Problem, you can't find a blank map anywhere!!!!

... This took a good chunk of of my day flattening the map to complete 0. No negatives, no positives. It is a water map that has the base number 0.

Now, keep in mind, from what I understand, some maps go below 0, some go above.

This map is a map that you can use to draw a map replacement of Felucca or Trammel. It is compatible with

From there, I'm not sure, but if you know how to convert .mul to UOP great, this could work for you to make your own map!

This was not a fun endeavor at all... and a pain in my rear!!

Worth making it? Heck yes, now I have a blank map I can use to draw and replace maps to my heart's content.

I used CentreED+ to draw this up once I managed to get my computer to play nice with me.

Here is the map. Completely 'blank' and just water.
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