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- This Archive Is Brought To You By Grimoric And Gametec -
As promised for a while now, I present to all of you nearly 98% of all of the Ultima Online™ clients ever released, from client version 1.25.35 to client version Please be responsible when downloading and don't download more than one or two files at a time or I will be forced to take the archive down due to DropBox threatening to shut my account down for bandwidth violations. With that said, I will be more than happy to work with people in getting the client versions they need.

If you have any client versions and associated game files (I am looking for full game installs only) that may be missing from my archive then please zip them up and send them to me so I can repackage them and add them to this archive for others to enjoy. My end goal is to archive 100% of every patch ever created for the game. I want to thank Grimoric for allowing me to archive his repository. If some of you are having issues running client.exe applications due to this error:

Then please refer to my Windows Registry tutorial:

For a more detailed description of each version number go here:
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