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Dawn of Ultima 2018-08-30

No permission to download
Fantastic game. Addictive for all the right reasons: challenging, immersive, and fulfilling! Highly recommended.
good game
I am so exited for this game!!!
There is a ton of awesome content in this and it is worth playing even as a solo player. 100% worth your time to check it out.
Good work.
Love this and I will do my best to honor it as this is a master piece in my opinion as a real RPG lover, thanks a lot.
This is really neat! You have done an amazing job with this server. You can tell from the very beginning that you have put an immense amount of time and detail into this. It certainly does have a pen and paper feel to it. Super excited to play around inside this world. Thank you for sharing your work here!
We'll see if you thank me when you are running to get your body back from a dungeon, only to hit a magic trap that teleports you across the continent. That happened to me once. You have plenty of time to get your body back...don't get me wrong...but man I had to run my ass off in my death robe just to get back to the nearby town.