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Discord Bot
Send messages to your shard's Discord server using Webhooks.

With this module, you can easily send any string messages to Discord using your shard's name as the user.

Includes the ability to specify a debug Webhook URL for testing the module in debug mode, so you don't interrupt your live shard's channel.

Optionally prevent repetitive messages when the "Filter Repeat" option is enabled.

The Notify broadcast feature in Vita-Nex: Core can optionally forward messages to Discord when the "Handle Notifications" option is enabled.

The PvP Battle broadcast feature in Vita-Nex: Core can optionally forward messages to Discord when the "Handle PvP Battles" option is enabled.

The bot can report the current status of the shard (Online/Offline/Crashed) when the "Handle Server Status" option is enabled.

Send a message to Discord using:
[Discord <message>

Display the graphical admin interface using:

Configure this module using the [VNC command.

// Send a typical message
VitaNex.Modules.Discord.DiscordBot.SendMessage("Hello World");

// Send an unfiltered message
VitaNex.Modules.Discord.DiscordBot.SendMessage("Hello World", false);

The bot is not capable of receiving messages from Discord.
The "Filter Saves" and "Handle Broadcasts" options are not yet functional, but the code-behind for their functionality is included.
A core mod for RunUO/ServUO EventSink and World is required to enable these options fully and may be added in the near future, at which point an update will be released for this module and all users will be notified.
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Using on UO Stones works like a charm if you have discord for your shard this comes second hand!
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Just that: If your comunity is using Discord,you need this.Using in Retrofun.
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Great resource. Using it on UODarwinism as well.
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Use it on Ultima Shards and its awesome for promoting events, Dungeon Captures, duel winners, etc!
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