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Drelgor the Impaler + Armor Set 2014-02-09

Mini-champ Boss for New Players (based on Old Haven)

  1. RedBeard
    This is Drelgor the Impaler ruler of old Haven. I use him as a mini-champ boss in Old Haven kinda like OSI except mine drops armor pieces that makes a decent Newbie Suit.

    Each piece [5 total]

    10 in all resists 50 total all resists
    3 reflect 15 total reflect
    5 defense chance inc. 25 total DCI
    1 strength 5 total strength bonus

    On my shard he is set to spawn as a mini-champ after 65 mobiles are dispatched in Old Haven so, if setup right its hard to get a whole suit too quickly not to mention strength requirement needed to wear.