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Filled Hue Mul 2020-05-28

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I figured since I filled all but 3 spots ( 1 of them is 0, you don't fill that, the other is 2999, and the other is a 'spare'. left those empty for good reason). Took me a few hours, but all of these hues are really pretty and add a little 'spark' to quite a few things. I figured I would share for those who don't want to fill an entire hues file with random hues and have no clue where to start.

Yes, a lot of them are very bright, while some of them are very dark. Boy do they look cool though.

-- I want to note, UOHueEditor acts glitchy after you've mostly filled the hues. So editing this file is going to be a tad painful. You'll need to save it a few times and edit a few colors before it saves. --

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This is awesome :D Well done
Thank you!
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Very cool, Thank you!
Was going to look for something like this but now I don't have to!
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