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FS Daily Rares v1.0.4 (current ServUO compatibility)

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Quick update on FS Daily Rares v1.0.4 so they work with, or alongside, the newer ServUO.

I left all the "OSI daily rares", you may have them pop twice in game on your server. I let you the freedom to choose which one you want to keep ;)

Installation : just drag & drop. No need to tweak the code (unless you want to tweak with the OSI daily rares).

Bonus : I've put back Staff Runebook (credits to Joeku). I didn't know it was part of the original package :)

Credits :
@RoninGT who created this system back in RunUO good old days ...
Joeku, creator of the Staff Runebook system.

PS :
Lemme me know if anything goes wrong with those scripts. I kinda wrote the update on the fly just right now :)