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Full ServUO Server Land of Archon 2018-12-24

No permission to download
Beautifully crafted server! This is one of the best start ups with many popular systems all set up!
Chock full of the scripts we love
Awesome! Thanks
Had I known this existed, I never would have wasted all that time trying to get them working on my server. This is a GREAT find.
Супер хорошая работа . +++ :)
Ty this is perfect for getting back into servuo! You rock.
awesome for a new person like me.. having fun! Thank you.
Wow, loads of fun even for a perman00b like me! I've added a vendor stone with a rune chisel, rough stones, or a runecrafting bag on it, and now the included runecrafting system is fully functional. :) This is a great server with tons of customs already there, and loads of fun to play with.

Thanks for sharing!
Great Package ! Thank You
Great Stuff, running with some friends and is really well done! Thank you very much