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Full ServUO Server Land of Archon 2018-12-24

No permission to download
Love it grandkids enjoy our in house server Posted a link to a google file link for the files . Saves me a bunch of headaches trying to relearn everything .
Beautifully crafted server! This is one of the best start ups with many popular systems all set up!
Chock full of the scripts we love
Awesome! Thanks
Had I known this existed, I never would have wasted all that time trying to get them working on my server. This is a GREAT find.
Супер хорошая работа . +++ :)
Ty this is perfect for getting back into servuo! You rock.
awesome for a new person like me.. having fun! Thank you.
Wow, loads of fun even for a perman00b like me! I've added a vendor stone with a rune chisel, rough stones, or a runecrafting bag on it, and now the included runecrafting system is fully functional. :) This is a great server with tons of customs already there, and loads of fun to play with.

Thanks for sharing!
Great Package ! Thank You
Great Stuff, running with some friends and is really well done! Thank you very much