GD13 Black Box

Misc GD13 Black Box Beta v1.0.0.16

No permission to download
*Added Zoomable Function to Map Tool, see instructions for more details!
*Fixed crash when using the list before the art loads
*Added warning to hub closing
*Added Minimize to tray on hub
*Fixed Viewer Crash if 0x selected
*Fixed Viewer List to remember last position
*Instructions Added
*Large Update - Requires Scripts to be installed server side for new feature!

*Builder Tool is now operational - Supports Newest ServUO Only (For Now)
**I have only written the scripts for the newest ServUO, I'll do older versions in a later release

Usage, When you are in Builder Tool, you can first start by saving builds you have in game, once you have a list of builds saved, you have options to add a image for reference as well. but once you have builds saved!

You can paste them into the game and move them around with the Move Tool, it has a new button to turn build mode on/off. If in Build Tool, the Move tool will open in build mode if you are in build mode.

Once you have your build in the right place, commit it, if you don't want to commit, demolish it, or if you want to remove it all together, delete it!
*Worked on the GDI for Gump Tool - Images should overlay properly now
*Fixed Edit - I had disconnected the button last release and now it is back!
*Cleaned up the Gump Tool and refined the elements (More work to come as some elements like TextEntry are not refined yet, though usable)

**Builder Delayed Until next Update
*Fixed issue with Text not appearing in the GumpTool - Broke it adding in new Image Controls
*Added PressedID in Gump Tool Create Script for buttons
*Changed the elements to have transparent backgrounds
*Removed Selection Hue - Will work on a different solution in a future release, this was do to changing over to use GDI for element control drawing!
*Started to implement Builder Tool - Coming Next Release
*Fixed a potential crash if Live was toggled on/off in certain situations
*Added Save/Load/Create and Edit to the Gump Editor

Quick How To Gump

Create New Gumps by Entering a Name and Hitting New Gump
Save Gump in Progress by hitting save, file located in tool app folder/Gumps
Load Gump by entering in a previously saved gumps name and hit load, similar action as new gump
Create Gump will save a basic gump script in tool app folder/Gumps
You can now Edit elements, make sure to have element highlighted by clicking it, you'll notice when placing they are auto selected when placed, the highlight is gold, hard to miss!

I'll make better instructions in a future video that covers the entire tool!
*Uploaded Wrong Zip in last update!
*Added Range to Random toggle - Now cycles through 1-5 and Off (R)
*Command now Editable - located on main tool for those that don't use [
*Added Gump Tool - Not complete (Save/Load/Create Script or Edit are still being finished)

**To start a new gump, first enter a name and then hit New Gump, from there you can start placing elements, this is only for bug testing as you can not save your work in this release!
*Added Travel Tool to Map Tool
*Added Teleport to Map Tool
*Moved around the data processing to balance out load times
*Added Responsive Toggle
*Added Map Tool - Teleport via Map (This will be fleshed out more in a later release)
*Reduced Map Load Times to under a sec for all 6, preloaded on startup!
*Added Custom Command Tool
*Fixed bug with Move Entries
*Added missing Ultima Live Commands
*Added Loaded Art Info to Viewer!
*Cleaned up tool focus, should feel more responsive!
*Fixed last location save, forms should launch where they were last!
*Fixed a bug with Hex Display!