GD13 - NPC Flying System (2019)

GD13 - NPC Flying System (2019)

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This is a plug and play system, no edits needed!
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GD13 - NPC Flying System (2019)

This is a reworked version of my old flying system, but improved 100%

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Included :

NPC Flying

BaseFlying.cs <This is the new BaseCreature used for flying mobs
FlyingMobileShadow.cs <Self Explanatory
FlyingPlayerShadow.cs <Self Explanatory
FlyingDeviceShadow.cs <Self Explanatory

40 Flying Mobs.cs ready to test, you can make more, just make sure to have them use BaseFlying instead of BaseCreature and add MaxFlyStam and FlyStam!

MaxFlyStam is the max of the flying stam for the mob, when they fly, they use FlyStam, when it hits 0, they must land and refill FlyStam, once full they'll take off flying. These are basically the only values needed for flying, everything else is handled in the BaseFlying.cs

Player Flying

FlyingTimer.cs <Base flying system for player
FlyingHiryu.cs <Player Flying Mount
GoldenFeather.cs <Flight Control Item used to activate flying if mounted on Flying Hiryu
FlyingRug.cs <Flying Control for magic rug, 7 styles, randomly picked!
MagicFlyingDevice.cs <Like a magic carpet but better!
FlyingLantern.cs <Used to light up the magic flying device!
FlyingTotem.cs <Used to control level and Hover flight while flying!

Core System

FlyingLogin.cs <Cleans up players onlogin from bad logouts when flying
FlyingMap.cs <Add map restrictions here
FlyingDirction.cs <Main Direction control
FlyingTileCheck.cs <Main Land/Static tile check

System uses mouse direction and distance to fly!

when taking off, you need to click in a direction far away from you to confirm you want to fly or the system decides it was a bad takeoff and you'll land.

At anytime before hitting the ground, you can cancel the bad takeoff by clicking in a direction far away from character.

When flying, you'll be able to click in any direction to steer, clicking close to your character will make you go down and clicking away from character will make you go up!

*No need to hold down in a direction like walking or running!

Double click the Flying Totem in your backpack to level off flight, again to Hover, then finally to cancel and return to up/down mouse control! (This is placeholder for these features till I decide where I want them in system control)

To Land, just get to 20 feet off the ground by clicking close to your character to go down!

Once you are at 20 feet, your shadow changes and you'll go into landing mode, to cancel, just click far away again and go up!

On the bottom left you'll see flight messages, taking off and going up are in green while landing and going down are in red!

Updates from original:

Removed the need to edit distro files
Removed the flying timer for npc's
Flying now uses default Flying Value
Reworked Land and Static checks
Solid sequence for Flying AI to Base AI and visa versa
Improved shadows
improved player flight timer

fly by mouse, no more gumps
Add Flying Rugs and Device w/Light (Proof of concept *Flying Ships+Possible)

Things to do:

I expect there is a lot, going to wait and see what you all break and work from there!

Any feedback or wish/wants for the system, post them and I'll see what I can do!


This project will be great depending on feedback, don't forget to rate it!

Why update this?

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