GorSociety Alpha 1.0

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XMLSpawner and A ServUO Distro that was released before 2/1/2020
Due to the changes with the overhaul of the servuo distro, removing a lot of the older code and removing partial support for the XML spawner, the level system as it is IS NOT compatible with the newest version of servuo. Until the XML Spawner is updated to be fully supported again by myself or the original creator this is only compatible with the system BEFORE the overhaul. You can use any distro you want from the previous distro, however, I will post a download to the latest distro I have tested things out with and will continue to use moving forward! As time permits I will see about rewriting the XML spawner, however for now this is what it will be. To note I will not be managing the distro below, it's not a fork, just a version of servuo that I have confirmed works with the system.


If interested this is the version of XML Spawner that is within the above distro.


This is an ALPHA release of this system, far far from complete. Do not download this with an expectation that it's flawless with no bugs or glitches of any sort. This is a project in progress that a few people wanted me to share outward as I progress. I do not mind doing so however if something isn't working correctly, please feel free to post what isn't working but please do not expect an immediate patch out or Fix. All feedback is awesome though, as it helps me progress and open new ideas to the project. If you are familiar with Gor itself, then your feedback will surely help move this project forward as knowing the world helps bring new ideas to what is possible within the game environment.

Distro Edits s
Read the
Inside the Zip. Since this a huge work in progress I will not be posting many updates to this overview, once the project goes to Beta I will include more information here.

Current Features:
Caste System - Build Out
Slave System - Toon Control / Master / Kajira Ownership
Role System
Custom Equipment
Gumps for current systems in place, more gumps underway.

Planned Features So Far:
Custom Monsters of Gor (beast of Gor)
- Will include custom attacks and effects to match the world
Custom Equipment of Gor
- This will ideally be meant to replace the current crafting system by extension only.
NPC Slavers / NPC Kajira / NPC Misc
City of Ar Build out - via blueprint that can be used in Green Acres (optional if done)
Custom decorations for taverns
Custom Food and Beverages

More to Come.
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