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Merge/Repack full servers plus all scripts from archives 2019-06-19

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Hope this doesn’t step on any toes and not sure this is even useful to anyone else. Certainly not my intention to take credit for anyone else’s hard work. I took the Full ServUO Server “Land of Archon” uploaded by Diesel and the full server “The Grove” uploaded by jase giffin and merged all of the parts that didn’t reconcile as far as systems and scripts. Then I went through all of the resources in the ServUO Resources section and got every script that I didn’t see in either of them. There were only a few things I didn’t or couldn’t get to work properly so I omitted them since I was only working on this for myself to play when I have no internet and to have a server that I can play with scripts in order to learn. I take no credit for any of the content and did not remove any acknowledgments in the scripts. This is not done in the newest ServUO master. It is a combination of 2017/2018 Repacks. If you have any questions about content please let me know I can answer what I know. I simply called it OldSonoma because it is where I originally played on OSI back in the day.

Entry from LoA original upload:
NEW 12-24-18
Revised download link now has client files included.
Fixed Tomb of Kings error


New Link to New version with Client files


Hey, folks, this is a full ServUO server release with a ton of stuff in it.


I could not get the file to upload to the ServUO files so I have included a link to my dropbox shared file.

It has a fairly recent ServUO file version. Features oh soo many.
  • FS-ATS Gen 2
  • Vita Core
  • Levelable Weapons
  • Daats Storage System
  • Universal Keys Storage (edited to store mining gems and Gold Panning items)
  • Socketable Armor and Weapons with an extended selection of Augments to socket
  • Custom Champ spawns for Fire, Winter,Undead and Elemental
  • 9 Archons or Bosses spread through the world
  • Custom spellbooks for Ranger, Cleric, Rogue, and Druid
  • Dip tubs for Bows and Crossbows
  • Knives Chat
  • Townhouses
  • Gold Ledger with auto sweep
  • Rune making with Rough Stones
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Cellars
  • Group Dungeons in but not tested
  • Treasure Maps
  • Omniporter
  • Yard Deco System
  • Xanthos claim system
  • Lady Luck Lottery
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Enhancement Bags
  • Vote Stone you can customize
  • Customizable Vendor stones
  • Body retrieve vendor
  • Pet Rez Stones
  • Custom taming commands and deeds (just click the taming deed and then click on the desired pet to tame. It will tame and bond it instantly as long as it is a tamable pet.)
  • Custom Ore Golem that acts like a pet and mines ore on client version 7.0.60
  • Lots of Gambling Casino stones for the players
  • Mythik Achievements
  • Random Magic Cloth Item generation for things like shirts, pants, robes, dresses, and such
  • Travel Map books
  • 3 min Res Kill protection
  • Gold Panning
  • Fish tank crafting ( not tested)
  • Yard Deco Shovel 10 squares from house
  • Partially completed Deco Mall
  • Custom Player vendors. Instead of charging you per day it takes a percentage of what you sell. I think it is 15% or 20% of the item you sells total.
  • Champ spawns are started with a currency called "Kudos". Not Honor! Helps control how often Champs get popped so you can't flood the economy with gold.
  • Kudos are earned for being online. 6 Kudos an hour or 1 every ten minutes. I think Champs are currently set for 50 Kudos to pop
  • Server Birth Rares
  • PowerScroll Exchange system
  • Account vaults to trade items between players on a single Account
  • Bod system that lets you earn prizes and bribe Bod Masters set to allow a new bod every hour not every 6 hours
I am sure I am forgetting a lot more stuff I put in. I ran the server for about a year and after a brief illness decided I didn't have the energy to continue running the server. A shout out goes to Zero Downed who did a lot of work on some of the custom elements I put in. Other custom elements where me hacking around in C# without being a programmer.

There are custom made items and some of those custom items will allow you to socket things that are normally not socketable! Say boots. Boots are not normally socketable but Swamp boots can be socketsd. You can use them as a template to create other socketable boots. Just about every item has a socketable item you can alter to create new socketable items in every slot.
Entry from The Grove original upload:
The Grove

Is a custom shard. With lots of stuff in it. Enjoy.
System Includes many types of things.
evo things and pet shrink things.
custom things
and standard things.
This shard was established in September 2011. It has been adapted from runuo and orb uo all the way here to servuo.

Things to consider before you start.
Before you start your server.
match to client path.
check for yours.
change it

match to client path.
After you have started your server...
Add your gm account into the fancy black box.
After your started your server and logged in....
use [gmbody
use [xmlspawnerload Trammel
use [xmlspawnerload Felucca
use [xmlspawnerload malas
use [xmlspawnerload ilshenar
use [xmlspawnerload Tokuno
use [xmlspawnerload Termur.
use [Createworld
You now have a spawned world.


[Genhueroom // use in internal mapping someplace large

Included in this package are many things.
several ways to set up your world.
several paths to set your world on.
Several things lost to the world.
many things that aren't lost to this world.

it is a collection of work from many factors and individuals.
Please enjoy and use the grove to any means you see fit.

Happy Building.
The old grove team.
First release
Last update
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