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Nerun's Distro 1.0

Nerun's Distro for ServUO Publish 54 (help you spawn and decorate the world)

  1. Regnak
    ServUO Publish 54
    Neruns Distro for ServUO Publish 54 :

    1/ Installation
    copy all files (DATA and SCRIPTS)
    when prompted, replace 10 files in ServUO Distro
    - CreateWorld.cs
    - DecorateDelete.cs
    - RunUOSpawnerExporter.cs
    - UnloadMaps.cs
    - ConfirmReleaseGump.cs
    - BaseCreature.cs
    - BaseAI.cs
    - QuestSystem.cs
    - ToolbarInfo.cs
    - Stealth.cs

    2/ Quick how-to (for latest clients)
    a/ Use the [PremiumSpawner command
    b/ World Creation : Let there be light
    c/ Select Spawns by Expansion : UO KR, SA and HS spawns

Recent Reviews

  1. Nerun
    Version: 1.0
    Hey, that's my work! Thank you for keeping it alive!
    1. Regnak
      Author's Response
      Thank YOU for all your great work and all that you brought to the UO community :)