Random Event System

Random Event System

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Required : OneTime
ServUO Pub 57 & Earlier : No Support for any pub after 57!
Random Event System
<Built on OneTime>

<Read the Development thread here>

*For older Servers, Check out this update by TheArt : UPDATE LINK


The Random Event System is an automated game system (Inspired by RDR2 Online Version),
at release it offered two games, Capture the Flag & Team Death Match!

Since Release
+Added - Team Elimination
+Added - Slime Death Match
+Added - Super Death Match

The system is automated so nothing needs to be done except press the green button, min two players need to join for the game to launch!
Players can review game stats via the Keeper of Events & Event Book, see notes below*
Players can purchase special items via the Event Game Store, see notes below**

Solo Quest Events

If a player doesn't accept the game event when available, the player is offered a solo quest!
As of release, the only quest is to go kill x number of mobiles in x time!
Players are rewarded Game Tokens based on how many mobiles killed!

Install Instructions

Plug and Play (Just drop anywhere within the scripts folder and restart server)
*Make sure you have OneTime Installed, it is required!

System Details

Capture the flag rules

Once the game starts, the teams must find the flag, once found they must hold on to it as long as possible!
players are given points per second they hold the flag, once the game ends,
the teams total points are compared and the winner will be the team with the most points!
Kills and Deaths effect the count but slightly, not like team death match!

Team death match rules
Simple, kill the other team, the most kills and least amount of deaths will prevail!
Unlike CTF, Kills and deaths greatly effect the points rewarded!

Team elimination rules
The first team to eliminate the other team wins, this game has no time limit,
you only have one life, points rewarded on kills and overall win!

Slime Death Match
This game is modeled after Team Death Match but with a twist!
Poisonous Slime's will have invaded the zone, players must deal with them
and the other team to get points and some extra game tokens!

Super death match rules
Simple, kill the other team, the most kills and least amount of deaths will prevail!
Unlike TDM, each team has a guardian that offers extra tokens on elimination!

Keeper of Events*
There is a Keeper of Events that auto spawns at the Middle Tower in British Castle, Trammel!
There is also a Top Ten Event Book that spawns on the table in front of them!
Players can visit and review their lifetime stats and the shards top ten players!
+Double click the keeper for personal records, check out book for top tens and overall best players!

Game Rewards & Store**
Players receive a Gold reward based on game results!
Players also get Game Tokens, These will be for special Game Items!

Event Token Store - Is Now Open

The store is available while waiting for an event to start!
Game Items are items that must be used within the event ie: Flag/Player Catcher
Reward Items will be expensive items for sale via the store - coming soon!

Items Added to date

+Added - Flag/Player Catcher, When used, the player is magically taken to the flag/player
+Added - Player Bouncer, this is a one time use, it auto fires on the next player that attacks, sending to spawn point

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