Random Event System

Random Event System

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*Also fixed the clock not closing on solo quest cancel
*Fixed the Game Clock Gump from not closing on game cancel
*Fixed World Saving Crash - Caused do to the new game not being added to the history! My Bad!!

If you received this crash, the save will be corrupted, you'll need to reload a backup and restart with this new version installed!
*Hot Fix for Quest Mobiles not registering!
+Added confirmation message, when a quest mobile is killed, the player gets informed they have killed a quest mobile and how many killed so far!
+Added New Team Game - Super Death Match, this is a modded version of Team Death Match, each team has a Guardian that gives game tokens to the team that kills the opponent teams guardian! Plus the usual TDM points/kills/deaths and tokens!

+Added new solo quest events, in order to start a solo quest, a player first cancels the team event, which then they are offered the solo quest event! As of release, the only quests are go and kill as many x mobiles as possible in x time!

+Updated and fixed minor errors!

**The event book will be required to be deleted on server restart if you already have a previous version running!, this should be the last player record reset!
+Added a Game Clock, now you know exactly how much time is left!
+Added New item to Game Store - Player Bouncer, this item will bounce a opposing team member back to there spawn point when they attack you!
*Updated the overall game time function, this will give more precision to the events, was mainly added for the game clock!
*Minor bug fixes, not worth listing as they were rare situations I found and have been corrected!
*Fixed issue with CTF Flag being able to leave game zone!
*Fixed issue with Team Slime Death Match ending before game time ends!
*Refactored Game History, now has sub game records
*Minor bug fixes with info text to players!
*Changed/Improved info to players - on going text improvement!
*Fixed elimination to update quicker when the last team member dies, the scoreboard should appear immediately now!
*Fixed the setup delay, should now register anytime set in the readonly field! [code edit]
*Started prep work for moving games to objects to better handle additional games without multiple edit to files

Progress note - I'll be adding more items to the store this weekend and the single player events are coming soon!
*Fixes issue with item on the store not being able to be purchased with exact amount of tokens!
Hot Fix - Fixed a game reset bug, this was only meant to trigger if no one joins event when offered to players.
+Added additional information to shard message giving the match length of the up coming event!
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