Sickness Sys-20

Sickness Sys-20

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Sickness Sys-20
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Overview of the system
>Build Notes & Discussion<

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This is a complete revamp of my older sickness system, in fact I would say a night and day change as I've expanded on the base idea with suggestions I've heard over the years! I am confident that this system is stable, but I do not think it to be complete as I left room to expand in all aspects determined by feedback.

For example, at release each special virus, ie Vampire, will have 3 special skills, one auto fires in combat, another is an offensive strike and the other a defensive bonus! Overtime I'm sure these will be added too!

I've also considered custom edits to suit the shards that implement this system, Listed below are some of the areas within the system scripts that can be edited with ease or expanded on!

Within the IllnessNamesLists.cs (You can Edit/Add or remove the Names to suit your needs)
public static List<string> GetColdNameList()
            ColdNames.Add("a Common Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("the Seasonal Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("a Spring Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("the Winter Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("the Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("a Head Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("a Chest Cold");
            ColdNames.Add("Swamp Gas");

            return ColdNames;

Within SicknessMessages.cs (You can edit the messages sent to the player/stage)
        private static string GetRandomOneMsg()
            int randomMessage = Utility.RandomMinMax(1, 10);

            switch (randomMessage)
                case 1: return "You are sick!";
                case 2: return "You feel ill!";
                case 3: return "You are not well!";
                case 4: return "You are drained!";
                case 5: return "You feel exhausted!";
                case 6: return "You are not breathing well!";
                case 7: return "You are dying!";
                case 8: return "You feel extremely ill!";
                case 9: return "You are not going to live!";
                default:return "You are not doing good!";

Sickness System : Details

Cold, Flu, Virus Main Illnesses with unlimited sub types
Vampire & Werewolf Illness with level progression to 700-999(Depends on virus age)
Outbreaks possible, Player to Player Spread Possible
Players overall exposure will decide chances to get sick
Players can leave super spreaders on items they touch (special Normal Illness Skill)
Vampires and Werewolves have weaknesses to certain items/time of day
Time of Day plays a big role in majority of the special viruses, ie: Wolves auto turn until GM

Installation Instructions

As usual this is a Plug and Play System, No edits to the default files needed!

You'll need OneTime installed!

Once both installed and server restarted, the system is already running and players have a chance to get sick!

Make sure to spawn a medic at healer shops or at hubs that you have players visit, this will be a easy way for them to cure themselves, basically the only punishment for getting sick is having to visit the medic! (for now)

Although there is a small chance that they self cure, this is another system built into this that auto runs with outbreak!

If you want to have area with higher chances of illness, spawn [add unseenillness false 0 or [add unseenillness true 1-3 (1=cold 2=flu 3=virus)

The system auto spawns one random infected wolf and bat in the entire shard, the infected beasts that carry the special virus can be found by alike, ie: a Infected Vampire Bat will be by other vampire bats! Players will have to hunt these down and they will always be changing and moving over the shard/facets, will depend on where you have bats and wolves spawned naturally!

Short Video of the System in action

As a Staff member, you can double click the virus to start/stop virus debug, this will allow you to see if the system it running on said player, also you can check the immunity they have by double clicking the white cell!

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