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The Art's Donation Stone 2020-04-20

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TheArt's Donation Stone, Credit for command goes to Exale from Servuo and dmurphy for helping her.
Created Gump for command.
If you do not have KnivesChat 1.2 Reborn, I would suggest getting it so the gump makes sense.
Link to KnivesChat Reborn 1.2
This is not a Plug and play, you must grab your url for people to donate to your paypal.
This DOES NOT have the ability to auto pay players in your chosen donation currency.
This only makes things a little easier for you and the players to donate.


This was something I kind of made on the fly and thanks to Exale and dmurphy's conversation and my know how on how to finagle gumps I made this.

THIS IS NOT a plug and play, you will need to edit some things within the script.

I made this donation stone out of necessity due to the fact that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to properly set up VitaNexCore's Donation system. Figured this would be far easier and it is, at least for me.

You will still have to pay the players by yourself the chosen donation currency, but if you have Knives Chat of some sort installed on your server, whether it's an older version, or a newer version, this should make it easy.

I would suggest changing the hue of the stone as I changed it to the color of my server's donation currency.
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