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The Grove Released. 2015-06-06

Shard Build

  1. jase giffin
    Patience and Passion.
    Well you guys.
    This is the only gift I can give for the years.
    This is the clean build of the grove.

    What it includes in a nut shell.
    Latest boat system
    Imbuing. I never really knew what it was supposed to be.
    FS shrink and pet bods.
    Color item name props. Not the new one that is released sadly.
    Public gates system with the groves gump.
    hunger and thrist system.
    harvesting system.
    shit loads of addons.
    blah blah more stuff.
    at any rate.
    I really had a lot of fun following this project. A lot of members made this shard possible.
    A lot of support.
    Special shout outs to milva and raven wolfe. roninGT Tass23 and not least at all hank the drunk.
    Each one of you helped me in big ways.

    Ill still be around of course. but it seemed like a good time for a repack.
    Hopefully someone can find use in this.

    World Spawning-
    [XMLSpawnerload Trammel
    ect...Felucca, malas,termur,tokuno,ilshenar.
    [Createworld for deco and gates and such.
    for the new shard owner.
    things to change before the grove will give up her secrets.
    scripts/misc/socketoptions. its not set proper for yours.
    scripts/misc/datapath... make sure its set to where your client is.
    Scripts/misc/serverlist. no need to use the default.

    OpenUOsdk. match to datapath....

    publicgates gump . states the grove.

    this shard will definitely give you many things....
    head aches and diarea.

    good luck.
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Recent Reviews

  1. arty
    Version: 2015-06-06
    Full of great custom content (many of which are no longer available for download anywhere else). 200 downloads, but only rated thrice - you have my 5 stars!
  2. ETsCat
    Version: 2015-06-06
    The Best startup that is out there. Thanks, you setup most of the stuff that was giving me head pain. As far as I can see the only thing missing is instruction on adding a custom map. But as is is really good.
    1. jase giffin
      Author's Response
      very happy you were able to find a use for it.
  3. Swoo
    Version: 2015-06-06
    very very useful =)
  4. zerodowned
    Version: 2015-06-06