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Ultima Odyssey 2020-06-23

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Just a small server update today...

I am not sure how many people use the basement system, as it was kinda meant for more populated worlds. I noticed, however, that they didn't have any doors to leave so I fixed that today. I also added some adventurers to sit in the basement and drink while spreading rumors of adventures.
I did a quick update to both server and client today. To recap the last update (because of spelling errors):

- Some spawns that needed tweaking or resetting.
- Treasure maps will now be accurate on the land they are meant for.
- Shadow fiends now drop loot...just in case they are part of a quest.
- Loot containers (within containers) will now spawn loot if you pick it up instead of having to open it first.
- Gnolls now drop some loot.

...but this particular update has...

- Fixes for crash issues using the Serpent Pillars and Skull Gates.
- Most container gumps have their interiors brightened up to help see darker items in them. Some displays don't have this issue with their saturation but others are just too dark. I kept the original container gumps just in case this option doesn't work well...but so far they do for me as I saw a dark pair of deep sea gloves in my bag I couldn't see before.
- The user manual has an entry for a new folder within the Info folder called Custom and what that does, which...
- You can now have your own custom spawns and decorations that you can save in the Info/Custom folder. Placing these here allow you to update your game and keep these settings. The backup routine will grab these custom spawns/decorations when it runs.
-- NOTE: This is not meant for customer creatures or custom items...but only for where items are placed or monsters appear.

WARNING: If you are upgrading, make sure you copy the Info/Custom folder and place it in your Info folder before starting up the game server.
This update does quite a bit of map work to make the Serpent Island dungeons to not look so bland as they were in the original Odyssey back in 2012 or so. The other things fixed are:

- Some spawns that needed tweaking or resetting.
- Treasure maps will not be accurate on the land they are meant for.
- Shadow fiends now drop loot...just in case they are part of a quest.
- Loot containers (within containers) will not spawn loot if you pick it up instead of having to open it first.
- Gnolls now drop some loot.
Just a small server update where primeval dragons have their taming requirements increased as well as the previous mentioned taming difficulty (by dungeon level) fix.

The barbarian satchel will now give an option to convert a robe to a shoulder or cross belt...which is basically a sash. It was something I implemented because anything like a robe (outer torso) wants to hide something like your plate armor or leather chest pieces. So if you want your character to show off their armor, and you find a cool robe you want to keep, you can use that satchel to change it to something that goes in the middle torso slot instead.
Glitches posted by an Odyssey player...

- Special metals (spinel, amethyst, quartz, etc) : crafted Plate Arms keep base colour (Iron)
- Special leathers (serpent, troll, etc) : crafted pieces are all base colour (brown)
- Elvan pass into [go command - maybe is correct Elven Pass ? (if its intended - sorry!) in game the area is called Enchanted Pass
- Marble equipment is always created under max durability (es. 115/137) even if it bought from NPCs
- Tinker gump show Caddellite's jewelry name all the same as Amulets instead of ring/bracelet/earrings
- Sometimes i've found corpse/bones (as containers) and chests not lootable on dead monster's body, maybe is related to stealing from monsters ?
You have to open them from within the corpse and then they will be movable
This is because loot is generated based on where the character is in (what dungeon for example)
So I added text to the item to tell players that
- (happens seldom) Treasure chest's graphics when open changes in other items (they became like staves) after been opened (I think it happens with hidden chests)
I "think" I have this fixed as I found where it was accidentally changing the box ItemID
Both client and server were updated today:

Gave Umbra's map some cosmetic changes
The Undercity has a less black color scheme
Training daemons (like training dummies) added
Potion cauldrons redone to use new graphics
--Will eventually empty and appear so
--So they will no longer say that there isn't enough liquid when empty
--There is no longer a chance of an empty cauldron to spawn
New ghost added to Halloween deco
--Lights up and moves when activated
--Makes ghost sounds when players walk near it and it is activated
New graphic for large cages added for animal vendors
Umbra guards will no longer spawn on horses
Magic skeleton keys added to loot
--Like master skeleton keys with less chance to be consumed on use
Ravendark merchants now spawn random clothing colors instead of just black
--Uses the same color scheme as Umbra and the Black Magic Guild
Both CLIENT and SERVER have been updated

Fixed some loot unidentification glitches
Jedi powers no longer lose karma
Magic clothing added to the loot tables
Stuffed bears expanded and better graphics added
Daemon dart boards are now in the game
Fixed a ClassicUO container glitch with coffins
Ten foot poles can be crafted where better wood increases trap detection
Shoppe maximum gold glitch has been fixed from 10,000 to 500,000
Large BODs will produce the smaller BODs needed
Meditation now accommodates single player mana values
Gray Mouser's Cloak fixed to give the intended three skill bonuses
Couriers have been tweaked to give the proper messages for karma
Fixed barbarian axes because damage was too high for a one handed axe
Nightsight magic/spells/potions now stack in effectiveness to find hidden treasure
Claymores (2 handed swords) added to the game
Hollow books added to the loot tables
--This requires a file replacement in the client's "Data\Client\" folder
--Replace your containers.txt file included with the one in this update package
Shadow hound karma fixed
Dead horses add to the land with loot like wagons or dead bodies
Montor dock has ropes removed for more options to board/launch ships
Animal vendors have been redesigned in how they sell animals
This is a client and server update that fixes a couple of small map issues in Lodor, and also has a new color scheme for Vordo's Dungeon as I fell out of love with that dark blue I used back in 2015. Dire wolves can now be ridden and are set to new appearances to look more dire. All of phoenixmog's suggested script tweaks have been implemented as well. I fixed a house I found to dismount you when you were outside of it by 1 tile. Altered stealth use of sneak attacks to not be easy or over powered. Fixed an exploit with the camping dungeon room.
Both CLIENT and SERVER have been updated

Fixed some graphics for reagents
Added new items to represent crates of reagents
Fixed a crash issue with monsters summoning other monsters
Removed all code and features for large containers
--Players can use ClassicUO's container scaling option instead
Characters can dock boats as long as they have a key in the bank
Fixed a cargo hue color that was missing
Remove Section A from your settings.xml file as it is no longer required
Add Section B toward the end of your settings.xml file, just before </settings>
--Admins can now control if house deeds can be dyed to make standard houses those colors
--Admins can now limit players to the pre-defined homes and disallow custom housing
--These options are meant to ensure your world doesn't look horrible if players have a conflicting theme
--So you can avoid pink houses or custom houses that look terrible in your view of your game world
--Architect dialog adjusts to your settings so they don't say something to players that isn't true
Bone containers now have their own unique gump appearance
Random cooking adventurers have been added to the settlement atmosphere
Cargo of potions have a graphic now of potion bottles in a crate to match the color of the potions
When you pick up wands they will now warn you that you cannot use them if you have a weapon or pugilist gloves on your hands

// If true, this means that the players only use the ClassicUO client to play Ultima Odyssey and this setting should remain unchanged. The game has options for mounts and containers that work differently between the two types of client.
// This setting is here just in case we need to make the original client available for Ultima Odyssey, which then this would be set to false. Your players all need to use the same type of client, either original or ClassicUO.


// If true, this means that the players can dye construction contracts so their pre-designed home is entirely in that same color


// If true, then players can make use of the custom house system. Otherwise they can only purchase the pre-built classic houses

Both CLIENT and SERVER have been updated. You should update to get rid of the newly discovered crash bug.

Fixed a few citizen spawns
Fixed a crash bug when generating random treasure in containers
Added two new small log cabins for purchase
Warrior guild members can now buy (ethereal-style) warhorses similar to paladins and necromancers
Larger patch included that adds more atmosphere to towns
Random adventurers may be mining, lumberjacking, or fishing
Random adventurers may be smithing, smelting, brewing, or cutting logs
Random adventurers may be fighting each other, dummies, or archery buttes
Random adventurers may be casting random spells
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