Ultima Odyssey

Ultima Odyssey 2020-06-23

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This update is only after the previous update yesterday on July 8th, but I am going to do it anyway because I found annoyances with the look of partial hued metal chests that I just can't get over so I changed them back to full hue. I also had to fix an issue with guards on horses and their light source appearing as a window light source. There was also some magic sparkle graphics that needed to be fixed for a long time.

The recent chats about night sight issues got me thinking a bit about the function. Long ago (in original UO), skills like taste id would be needed to tell what a potion was or whether a loaf of bread was poisoned. After some time, the skill became useless as the reasons it was used was removed from the game system. Potions no longer needed to be identified and nobody would take a random loaf of bread from somebody. Night sight had its place, but client assistants like Razor make it a moot point in terms of game mechanics. Simply clicking a check box would make the entire dungeon light up as bright as can be. This not only made night site items pointless, but also the potion and spell that went along with it.

In an attempt to salvage the night sight property, I decided to have it provide a separate 5% bonus check to find things like traps, hidden treasure, or secret doors. It will do this additional 5% check if a Detect Hidden skill check fails. One needs to use the detect hidden skill in order to take advantage of this bonus check, or walk over a potential spot for hidden treasure...so I updated the gump window (describing what skills do) to talk about the night sight property in the detect hidden skill description. It mentions the 2 potions and 2 spells that give night sight ability for further clarification.

In my personal game, I use the light levels "as is" as I enjoy the look of the world with the ambient light. I like the dark dungeons and how the villages light up with lamp posts...along with the fires as adventurers huddle around them to chat about recent adventures. Most players, however, will probably disable the light system so this change at least provides a mechanical use for night sight beyond the light level around you.
Both client and server were updated. Client was updated because the Savaged Empire map needed some fixing.

Put light levels back to EA-normal for night sight items. Players can control light levels in the client anyway.

Fixed areas where guards in towers were able to ride horses.

Tamed creatures that run fast to keep up with tamers now have speed reduced when released.

A trap situation now checks skill up to 125 instead of previously 100.

Once a character gets an Exodus core, they will only have a 10% chance in future slayings.
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Both client and server were updated.

Set Jedi to only require >=0 karma so when they make a laser sword they can still be a Jedi.

Fixed the fountain of life.

Fixed the reading of the settings.xml file.

There is a new setting at the bottom of the settings.xml file for new mounts and mount appearances.
-It takes advantage of the ClassicUO client capabilities to allow for mounts to appear as they are before being ridden.
-So an elder black bear will look the same when riding it...as an example.
-Before it would change to a different appearance due to the limitations of the original client.
-This also let me add more mount options to the game like manticores, pandas, zebras, basilisks, tigers, and axebeaks.
-This option only exists in case I need to introduce the original client back into availability.

There is a new setting at the bottom of the settings.xml file for dismounting when entering buildings.
-Defaulted to true, a character will dismount when they enter a building and mount the steed again when they leave.
-Unlike "no mount" regions like dungeons, public regions (bank, inn, etc) and such, this does not affect magical effects that make you run fast.

When using "no mount" regions and buildings, virtual/ethereal mounts will automatically remount just as creature mounts do.