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Ultima SDK Python port 2018-10-01

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I spent some time working on porting the Ultima SDK into Python with the purpose of being able to render player avatars on the fly, without needing a Windows Server (Mono/DotNetCore do not have some of the important functions implemented in the Ultima SDK imaging).

Using this will allow you to render various images directly out of the client files and hue them. You can connect it to your player DB to render images of players like this one:

Making gifs and spritesheets of players/monsters is easily doable, if you plan on this I would recommend making spritesheets over gifs as I personally had issues with transparency in gifs that were more of a headache than they were worth.

It can render items, land tiles, static tiles, fonts and probably some more stuff I've forgotten about (I wrote this a couple of months ago and have honestly forgotten). It doesn't do gumps, I really couldn't be bothered with that since there are already readily available PHP scripts for that.

It doesn't support UOP but the work required to get it working with UOP files would be minimal, just look in the Ultima SDK source and add the necessary code into If you do take the time to add UOP file support please make a pull request for it so it can help others out.

I don't have a list of the required client files but basically if you go into a copy of your UO folder and copy *.mul and *.idx into the directory files/ in the ultimapy root folder, you should be most (if not all) the way there. I have no idea when UOP files became a thing and I will not take any requests for supporting UOP, don't ask.

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