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Universal Translator (Test builds) 0.1

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This resource will contain all preview builds of the Universal Translator. You can discuss this resource in the following thread:

Please note that this is considered buggy and should not be used on a live shard unless you really want to test the system there.

This system has a dependancy on for now in these release builds. Because of that you will need to add to your project solution. I will provide a dll in the download that should suffice this dependency.

It's messy and mostly a prototype but it works.

In order to get this working you either need to get an API key from Azure or Google that will allow you access to their translations systems. Both services cost about $10 per 1 million characters translated. Azure however offers the first 2 million characters for free so it is recommended to use that. Google however offers a larger amount of languages and in my tests is slightly (Tiny amount) more accurate than azure. For our usage, azure is perfectly fine and the 2 million characters should suffice for small to medium shards.

The system comes with a limit system that will allow you to limit how often a user can translate, this will prevent abuse and having your api key hammered resulting in large bills.

The system comes with a config file that will need to be filled out. Each line has an explanation.

NB this system requires your server have access to the internet.

How to install: Drag and drop the files from the download to your server root folder. Overwrite Assemblies.cfg
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