Universal Translator

Universal Translator

This is a premium script. If you would like access to this script you will need to be gold donator level or higher!

This script is in development. This post is just a preview of the system.

The universal translator will allow your players to communicate with each other in their native language while it is translated in real time for the rest of the server.

How many times have you had trouble understanding a player just because they are from a different country? How many players stay away from your server because they think they will not be able to communicate with the player base? Well that is all in the past now!

With the universal translator you are able to translate too and from dozens of languages in real time.

Here is a short preview of the system as it stands right now.
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Current implemented features:
  • Integration with both Microsoft and Google translation APIs
  • Accurate translations to and from over 50 languages including languages that require utf-8 encoding.
  • Buffer system that will find players who are abusing the system and remove their access for a time from the system.
  • Command based system for switching on and off the translation features on per player basis.

Planned features:
  • As of right now the system will only translate one way. I.E it will translate YOUR text but not the text of those around you to your own language. I am looking into this and a way to do so without over using the system as the APIs do have limits.
  • Integration with other APIs
  • Gump based settings as well as the already in place command based settings.
  • Future features that are requested from donors.
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