UO Black Box - Open Beta

UO Black Box - Open Beta

No permission to download
ServUO Pub 57 & Earlier : No Support for any pub after 57!

OneTime Required after Version
UO Black Box - Shard Utility Tool
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You can also visit HERE to download the tool!

**Once Downloaded, it will auto update on new versions, no need to download the tool again unless you delete it!**
**This Beta has Ended, was the last official Beta, begins the official tool release**
**These instructions do not reflect the release version, please visit the
release post for details**

*Future updates will include support for older versions of ServUO and RunUO based on feedback!
+If anyone is interested in helping port the scripts over is more then welcome, you'll get credit in tool & script header!

Start Up Splash Screen by Gametec

Main Menu

Main Menu of the Tool, in the future new tabs will appear for new features
Menu Left to Right : Decorate, Staff, Map, Gump Editor, UO Builder, Settings, Support!

Decorate Menu

The Decorate menu is Complete
Includes 10 buttons for custom commands

Staff Menu

100% Custom Command Menu with 100 editable buttons

Map Menu

Map and Travel menu supports all the Base Maps
Will support custom maps in future release

Gump Editor Menu

UO Gump Editor is designed around WYSIWYG

Create gumps visually with the help of this tool
Save/Load and share designs with others using this tool
Export to scripts that are well documented to assist completion
Test Element(Gump) in game with a click of a button

Builder Menu

With UO Builder you can target and save builds to file
Create Blueprints to rebuild your favorite builds and even hand them out to staff
You can take a 800x600 screenshot saved to blueprint for easy look up!
More features to come!

Settings Menu

Settings menu, the first stop as the tool needs to be set up after initial install!

Step 1 : Enter your Admin Characters Name exactly as in game, this character must have GM+ access!

Step 2 : Download the Art Zip, this includes all the art used by the tool and Two DATA/CMD Folders for Tool Communication with Server!

Step 3 : Set the location of the unzipped UO Black Box Art folder

Step 4 : Set the location of the Scripts Directory of the server, as of this beta, only ServUO 56.1 Supported

Step 5 : Install the scripts needed for the tool to talk with the Server.

Then restart server, log in and start using the tool to manage your shard!

Support Menu

My support page, if you want to help the project!

Also there will be a website (Under Construction) | www.uoblackbox.com

Post bugs and suggestions in this thread!​
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Latest Updates

  1. Update - Major

    (This update is optional, so if you do not want to move to the new tool, stay with version...

    *Minor Fix to address recent older versions of ServUO *Removed some console information code...

    *This will be the last update for this Beta version unless I find more bugs before I release the...

Latest Reviews

Very powerful tools ANYONE can use that is working on a server. Looking forward to future updates! Thank You!
Thanks for the review!
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can we have this opensourced? very cool!
Thanks for the review, I am currently working on the release version of this tool, what is out now is the beta version to test and review! I do have it planned to make this open source as I do not want to the limit the tool from future work if I am not around and I believe there are better coders out there that could improve on what I've done!
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Very Excellent ! A must have for servers- we have needed a program like this which contains so much
Thanks for the comment, means a lot, specially when we are still in beta, I thank you all so much for helping and testing this project as I get it ready for a official release!
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Thank you so much for taking this on, its a huge contribution to this community!
It is my pleasure! Thank you for Rating the Tool!
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