UO Black Box - Open Beta

UO Black Box - Open Beta

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(This update is optional, so if you do not want to move to the new tool, stay with version

***OneTime Is needed for the tool to work, make sure you install OneTime as well as the server scripts instructed below!

-This is the Last Update for this Beta Post, I will be making a new post with the release version, which is a copy of this version as the starting point!

+Lots has changed, all the set up has been moved to the the start up, it is all automated now.

To set up tool, first login with character name and staff role, then after tool starts up and installs assets, go to options and set up your server info if not the local server.

Also download the server files from the button in options tab, shut down tool, install scripts and restart server, once restarted, log into your staff character and add a [bbcontrolbox <CharacterName>

Make sure you have this in your backpack and logged into the game before launching the tool.

Once this is done, launch the tool and it should auto connect to your server if you set up the ip/host correctly on fist start, if not go to connections and try connecting again! If your server is on the same machine as the tool, then just pick the local host which is always the default first entry in connections!

The biggest changes come to gump editor, it now builds the gumps in game, you get gump boxes that you can store, trade, more on this in the official release post!

Report any bugs, there is still lots to do with the tool, I needed to push this update to do further test and work on the over all tool!
*Minor Fix to address recent older versions of ServUO
*Removed some console information code from Cleanup to avoid conflicts with older ServUO Servers
*Fixed a line of code in Control Box that was conflicting with older Net Versions
*This will be the last update for this Beta version unless I find more bugs before I release the official finished version!
*Minor Update*

*Finished adding the builder tool support for remote use, the tool will now save blueprints to your named folder within the save/blueprints, you can move your blueprints over after updating to fix any issues of them not being found! The tool if using remote will save both a local and remote copy of your build, which means that anyone using the builder tool on a remote server is also having their work backed up on the server in folders labeled by their name!

+This is finally the last of the main function patches for all existing tools, this does not mean it is finished!

+I will now take the next few weeks to go over each tool and feature and refactor, this will also include editing and changing colors and text I find as I go through the menus, I will also move around a few buttons in order to make the menus more fluent!

+I will be adding more support/error messages and a public debug feature to better isolate future issues that arise!

++I really would like to hear back any suggestions/bugs and general ideas on this tool, I do thank you all for downloading and testing this tool in open beta (Development Phase)
*Minor Update*

*Fixed a Crash Bug with Step Five, if you still get a error, please report with error info!
*Fixed server hanging if a command is sent when the box is off in game!

+This was a small update and released only due to the crash bug in set up!
*Major Update*

*Completely Rewrote the Communication for the tool, this was to update for multiple users for remote service
*Added a new control item that needs to be turned on in game for the tool to work
*Remote service now support multiple users to one server, only one feature not complete for multi use is the builder tool
*The builder can be still used by the admin remotely but you'll need to un comment the streamwriter lines located in the BBSaveBuild.cs (I'll have this supported next patch)
*Rewrote the clean up for the tool, it'll now clean up on log out and it'll only be cleaning up the gates as intended, no more phantoms so I remove that clean up as of this release!
*Cleaned up some minor bugs I found, not worth mentioning separately!
*Clean up some colors on the tool, as with some text!
*Major Update*

*Added support for remote service *Please Read the Following Instructions : This is first pass, a few features not working (Marking/Returning Players on Map and Blueprints) These will be added as I develop this service!

+How to Use!

1.open setting and download the server
2.unzip the server to your remote server where you have your emulator
3.make sure you updated the emulator with latest scripts from version .94
4.Edit both the BlackBoxListener and BlackBoxSender scripts to point to the unzipped folder!
5.start the server located in the unzip folder, enter port or use the default 8090
6.now in the tool settings, enter the tcp address for your server and the port, then start it!
7.The tool will reset and the splash screen should state remote server : Started

If done correctly, you should be able to use the tool remotely!

*Report bugs and suggestions, this is my first time working with this feature so please bare with me as I work bugs out and add more support!
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*Minor Update*

.91 *Added new launch splash screen that does some pre checks and display's the new Logo by GameTec

.92 *Fixed a bug in Step four not registering if UOBlackBox Folder placed in c:\

.93*Changed the way Reset Works, if folders not found or busy, they are just past by and tool still resets, you can delete those folders causing issues after manually!
*Minor Update*

.90 *Fixed a crash when you import a blueprint with same name as existing one, +the tool will just save over existing one now!

.89 *Fixed in game blueprint to be able to be used from backpack, it'll take the position from the players position!
*Minor Update*

*Fixed a bug in maps tool where the special gate and GM travel were not working, *this requires the scripts to auto update

*Fixed a bug where the image might be busy when deleting a blueprint, this now deletes images on cleanup when UO Builder closes

*Fixed a number of minor small bugs, corrected some text and added a confirmation to Tool Reset!