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UO Black Box
Shard Utility Tool

You can also Download HERE to download the tool!

This is the official release for UO Black Box, all future versions and information will be located here, the beta project has ended and I thank everyone that helped me work through the functions, I know there is still lots to do and look forward to any feedback you have for UO Black Box!


(For Admins)
Admin, Download Server Files from Setting/Options
Once downloaded, copy over the files as explained below!

copy the DLL's into the main server folder, Next
open the Data folder and compare assemblies.cfg
Add any missing DLL's to your assemblies.cfg, Last
copy the UOBlackBox folder in the Scripts folder to your scripts folder.

Restart Server

Log into the game with your character you plan to use with black box,
There should be a Control Box in your Backpack, if not [add bbcontrolbox <Character Name>

(For Everyone)

In the connections tab of the settings

Enter in your Character Name

Either use localhost or enter a custom one!

then click the Connect to <Shard Name>!

More to come on each tool usage!

Twitch UO - Instructions

Inspired by Instruct Bot

To use, you'll need to have a twitch account and streaming!

use your username, channel name and OAuth Token (link on menu)

Once logged in, you can use the following commands in chat to perform actions in game!

!spawn <Name of a Tamable Creature>
*The creature must already be spawned in the world and not in combat, it takes from existing spawn pool!

The Following Control the Spawn
!fight, !guard, !follow, !stop, !stay

To leave the game !leave

To give the character a !drink

To !bless the character

To !smite the character

Special Owner Commands

To allow !unlimited followers

To have the followers !Limited to character default max followers

To !kill all clients connected

There is also a built in exp/level system for the chat players, as they make commands, they get xp, this then over time will raise there levels, the highest level is 100(GM)! The level effects the stats and str of the spawned pet, for example, a level one dragon is 1/100 its normal strength! If they were GM, then the dragon will be its normal strength! I will expand more on this system as we go, all players that take part have there stats saved so they can come and go overtime as I'm sure it'll take awhile to get GM, the exp per level exponentially climbs!​
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