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No permission to download
(Admins) Server files need to be updated!

+Added Close Button to all tools
+Tools should now save the last position
*Fixed travel, you should now be on top of all static items if present!
*Fixed Get ItemID
*Fixed a number of small bugs and cleaned up Maps Main Tool UI
*Fixed a few bugs
*Cleaned out unused resources, reduced project size from 300mb to 6mb
*Added Command event, this adds even more responsiveness and reducing overall anonymous calls by 50%
*Refactored some code, polished the hood!
*Fixed Download Link (I can not believe I didn't know about this sooner, my bad)
*Revamping the Tools Art Lookup, it now uses the Ultima.dll and looks for mul files on drive, you can manually set this directory in settings if you have issues of it using the default EA UO Folder!
*Cleaned up the index values, this is to prep for the addition to edit the art in a future version
*Cleaned up the map, it now loads map<0>.mul and statics, so the maps will reflect your files but this added more ram usage to store the maps, will work on reducing this in future versions!
Fixed a number of small bugs
+Added a addon command entry on the decorate tool, this will allow you to add additional commands to the Add/Tile
*Fixed a few small bugs
*Cleanup the Hover Color on Export Textbox, Button!
-Removed the Login Menu, Set Character Name Per Connection Now
-Removed Splash Screen, Not Needed Anymore
*Updated the menus to be lock to main menu bar, use buttons to open/close sub menus
*Cleaned up some code, fixed some bugs

*(ADMINS) Reinstall Server Scripts
**(Admin) Server Script Files Need Updating w/Update

+Added link to OneTime in Settings/Options
*Fixed a few small bugs
*Changed a few things with Twitch messages and commands, added !Info
*Requires Server Scripts Update*

+Added Async, this should solve any jitters the UI had!
-Removed the restriction for player names, if the server accepts them, so does the box!
*Changed the way images are loaded, which solved the last of the memory leaks.
*Fixed a bug with Get ItemID command
*Polished up and refactored more code
*Requires Server Files Update*

*Added a spam delay on tool commands to prevent spamming, 3 sec delay between commands, will change if too long in next update

*Fixed art/map export, will now export to your export directory

*Changed Always on top to be set true by default, and added a message to restart tool to implement changes
*Fixed improper tab index on the main menu and travel map
*Added a check for !spawn to limit players to one spawned follower
*Fixed staff menu, now has a warning message before editing and it auto locks after you edit a button
*Fixed gump editor from making empty gump boxes, you must have at least one element to make a gump box

*Fixed travel map not resetting travel map picture after using find players
*Fixed GM Travel and Special Travel not finding BlackBoxTravel
*Fixed a memory leak with map tool, it was loading new images every time you opened the tool, now reuses first loaded images!
+Rolled back the scripts for the server to handle all servers from RunUO version 2.3 to ServUO pub 57
*Fixed potential crash if you redownload the server files without deleting the old one
*Fixed the map tool, go to player, potential to freeze up
*Fixed Twitch Login, user name was not setting up properly
*Fixed a number of small bugs

*Server Scripts Must be Updated on this Update*
*Fixed small memory leak
*Updated tool start up, no more file downloads/loading
*Improved the start up time by 3 folds
*Clean up some of the art for tool buttons
*Added the ability to stretch out the decorate menu for larger item viewing and search menu
*Cleaned up the server scripts to be compatible with older frameworks
*The main menu was rearranged to support new staff selections
*Added a new inspired by link to Twitch menu

**Admins : This update requires the Server Scripts to be Replaced, Assembly and dll's were not changed so no need to update them, just the scripts**

+The main post will be updated later this week with more information on the tool and the features it supports!