UO Black Box

Misc UO Black Box

No permission to download
*Fixed a few more memory leaks I found
*Overhauled the Art Assets, the file now is 5MB, was 100MB+
*Increased Download/Install speed 100 fold
*Remove a function to convert the beta Black Box to the New version, this was causing issues with some users!
!Make sure to remove any previous versions prior to before installing this newest version!

+Added new feature/tool Twitch UO - This tool allows you to plug into twitch chat and allow users to summon/posses certain creatures, see main post for details and commands!

As usual, post any bugs, I'm still working on a complete list of instructions!

More to come ...
//This update was all client side, no need to update server scripts!

*Fixed Ban Character Name Entry, you must only use characters with a single name, no spaces allowed do to security reasons!
*Fixed the Decorate Search Text Box to allow spaces in the search term
*Fixed a number of memory leaks
*Fixed the name of the Assets Tab
*Cleaned up some unused code