UOFiddler 4.9.17 (for animation creators)

Animations UOFiddler 4.9.17 (for animation creators) 4.9.17

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Animation creators version
- Added the ability to use a male and female body.
- Added the ability to use rider animation.
- Added saving combined image.
- Added the ability to edit Cliloc.rus


Version 4.9.17
- Updated client window enumeration logic to look for alternative clients first to fix Client.SendText() on OrionUO client.

Version 4.9.16
- Gump list will now select last inserted index when using "Insert at..." and "Insert starting from..." while "Show free slots" is enabled.

Version 4.9.15
- Fixed problems with "Replace starting from.." in Items, Land tiles and Textures tabs. It now replaces tiles as it should. Stops when index reaches max index value.
- Fixed "Show free slots" menu item not clearing its state after reloading files.

Version 4.9.14
- Fixed crash when browsing Textures with "show free slots" enabled.
- Fixed crash when browsing SkillGrp that uses nonexistent skill id.

Version 4.9.13
- Fix for multi (multi tab) region export/import. MultiRegion should now have same coordinates after import.
- Added "Replace starting from.." to Items tab. Allows replacing multiple items starting from selected index.
- Renamed "Insert Starting From.." to "Replace starting from.." as it reflects actual function better.
- Extended Ultima.Client with method to enumerate multiple ultima windows. Author: NaphalAXT. Source: Multiple Ultima Online windows enumeration. · NaphalAXT/ultimasVos@5f28477
- Minor code fixes and cleanups.

Version 4.9.12
- Added search items on Dress tab.
First release
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