Major ServUO changes coming - Please take the time to review this.

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ServUO, moving forward, will no longer support “era” replication and expansions on our most current repository. We will also no longer support older clients and some of that legacy core code, supporting those clients, will be removed at some point.

Starting right away and during the next few months we will be going through and removing all unused systems, Ethics for example, and only the latest formulas for stuff like combat, spell damage, etc., will be present in the code. All the changes we make, at first, will still allow you to merge safely and retain your saves if you are currently up to date with ServUO and only using the latest content. Later, we may clean up some of the older unused Emus and outdated Serialization/Deserialization methods. If we do this, we will work with Vorspire to come up with a way to hopefully fully import existing saves or accounts/items (Will probably still require some work on your end).

We will publish one last Release which will be a copy of ServUO in its current state. We will also create a separate branch for that Release. While people can still send PRs for the separate branch, Dexter, Argalep, and I will no longer maintain it. Our focus will be elsewhere. Anyone out there can pick up that community torch and carry it on if they wish. We will still review and approve PRs for that branch if they are done correctly.

Again, anyone out there can continue to maintain one of the ServUO releases and merge our changes if they want to continue using newer code and systems on older eras.

This decision was made by Dexter, Argalep, and myself with approval from DMurphy and Vorspire. It mostly comes down to time, resources, and the direction we want to take this emulator. 24 years and what feels like a hundred expansions later, it has become a bit much.

EDIT [Dexter]: ServUO publish 75 has been created. This will be the last publish that will support eras. As of 3/24/2020, it is 98.7% in line with EA regarding content. For projects that want to target a specific era, I suggest you start with Publish 75.

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My time and experiences working with freeshards and supporting the community helped make this possible. Wish me luck, as my card game is now on Kickstarter! Thanks to the entire community for allowing me to be part of it for all these years!
It feels so Barbaric to use Just One screen now....
leo.wu wrote on Tasanar's profile.
publish version 57 have so much bug. 224 Serious bug. it can't be check statically by tool tscancode.
the part of check result see below:

ServUO\Scripts\Services\Revamped Dungeons\DespiseRevamped\AI.cs" line="407" subid="CS_checkNullDefect" severity="Critical" msg="It's wrong way to check if [dc] is null.
Wanderer wrote on Gadget2013's profile.
did you see what just happened mike?

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