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ServUO and High Seas

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A massive amount of content has just been added to our master repo thanks to @Dexter_Lexia

He has added support for the High Seas expansion. This includes the much sought after Galleon system.

This is all experimental right now and we need you to help us test. Please report any issues you have and they will be fixed asap.

So have fun!

ServUO Client API (Replacement for art API)

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Today I have finished my rewrite of the Art API from PHP to c# and asp.

The API no longer serves just art but will serve most client information a user requires. As time goes on more information will be added to the endpoint.

Right now what is available:
  • Item art
  • Gump art
  • Multi art
  • Animations (new)
  • Sounds(new)
I will continue to add to this list as time goes on.

Not only that but the API is open source now under the GNU v3 license and anyone is free to submit bug fixes and features or use it for their own needs.

Endpoints are available at:
Source at:
Have fun!

2000 members!

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We have hit the 2000 member mark today! This is a huge achievement for us and I would just like to say thank you to all staff and members on the forum. You guys are helping to keep the dream alive. Good job!

A few statistics:

  • Members: 2,002 (!)
  • Posts: 28,935
  • Threads: 4,171
  • Attachments uploaded: 5056
  • Disk space used by attachments: 7673mB
  • Male users: 1,436
  • Female Users: 193
  • Unspecified: The rest
  • Average age of users: 34.3 Years

Site and Shard maintenance 04/03/2016

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Starting tomorrow, around 2PM GMT both the site and official shard will not be available. This is to accommodate operating system updates on the server.

Expected downtime is expected to be about 2 hours for the website and 1 hour for the shard.

Official ServUO shard launching Sunday

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So it's time!

Sunday at 6PM GMT we will be opening the doors to our Official Shard! This shard will follow closely the development of ServUO so will always have the latest updates.

The shard will be ran professionally and can be considered stable. There will be no wipes, extended down time or any other nasties.

You can find more info about the shard at including a countdown to the opening of the shard. If you guys have any questions please post in here and I will answer them. Looking forward to seeing you in game.

For your convenience here is the connection info:
Port: 2593

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