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Closure of our wiki and opening of the new tutorial system

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Since opening the wiki a few months ago it has largely gone unused. I have no idea why as it was a much requested feature by members of this forum. Because of this I have taken steps to close down the wiki as it was a monthly cost that was not worth bearing due to the fact it was unused. (Yes the addon had a monthly fee)

With that, I have gone ahead and opened in my opinion a much easier to use system for tutorials and documentation in the future. It can be found by clicking the Tutorials link in the nav menu above. I have made a simple tutorial to show the system in action and I really like it:

I have archived our old tutorial forums. It will no longer be possible to make threads in them, however you will be able to post in already created tutorials. It is my hope that members will transfer their tutorials to the new system and post future tutorials there.

Please post all feedback in this thread. Thank you!

Site Maintenance 21/01/2016

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Unscheduled maintenance had to be done today. This was necessary and is now complete.

In this maintenance I had to revert a lot of settings on our theme. Because of that you may notice some out of the ordinary elements around the site. I have decided to open the site while I work on these little issues as they are not site breaking. I will post back when I feel I have gotten the theme back to the way it was.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

UO Compendium

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Praxiiz submitted a new resource:

UO Compendium - Build informational gumps in game and display them. Uses a gump studio like interface.

This is an in game gump editor similar to a WIKI. Create pages such as shard rules, monster lore, weapon and artifact lore and display them to players.

The primary goal of this system is to communicate information to your playerbase. It is expandable so that new widgets can be added to provide custom actions if needed, but they are not provided.

Common uses may include, but are not limited to:
  • Tutorial Gumps
  • Item Encyclopedia
  • Monster Compendium
  • Instructional Gumps...

Read more about this resource...

Did you know this about UO?

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1. The black areas carved out of dungeon map areas have z values? Apply textures to the black areas in wind and reveal cool formations.

2. Even though UO Fiddler may say you have like 65000 something art slots. The end of the file is actually 49150. Even though it shows more. Adding art beyond this will never save. Even if it looks like it is saved.

3. You can't have more than 65 frames in a static animation. Adding anymore than that will throw an out of range error.

4. Todd McFarlane the creator of the comic book SPAWN was hired to design original monsters and regions for the game, as well as help shape the story. It was cancelled in 2001 before its release, citing the competitive nature of the massively multiplayer online gaming market—Electronic Arts feared the sequel would harm Ultima Online's subscription numbers. Some of the monsters and art made for the game were later used in the Ultima Online expansion Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

5. Clicking a cow in game over & over will tip it over and make it cry out.

6. There are 2 hidden mickeys in the cave below Bucs Den.

7. The item in game known as Iolos Lute is a tribute to the man who composed most of UOs music
Here he is

I was bored.

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