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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    No thats the log job that was supposed to consume boards and logs but really think it just did logs i think i actually have it set and consuming boards and also have daats edit commented out for resource helper 1575796738 You also have it there twice which isnt necessary i believe.
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    Im not saying it wasnt messed up im just saying i dont think i updated it yet but i remember playing around with alot of the craft system.
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    I had fixed these issues i thought? Ill have to share again cause this doesnt look like what i did 1575795919 Ah it looks different because you dont have the custom resources listed
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    Ah yea i removed that because i thought it was bugged too i still think it might be, does it double name items on a clean repo??
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    Nice but i dont think thats with owltr i think thats just the repo magic items 1575775471 I am however interested in what you did to fix this
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    i believe that would be in your basearmor baseweapon etc reforgesuffix/GetNameString might have forgotten to comment one out
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    Doom's Day Returns

    Updated content TOL with tons of new additions!!! "Some" Custom Additions: Achievement System, Player Level System, Pet Level System, Town Houses, Mercenaries, Evolution Dragons/Daemons/Mounts/Weapons/Armor & Level Item Deeds, Custom Armors, Custom Crafting, Custom Monsters, Custom Weapons...
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    Sean's Rainbow Mounts

    did anyone ever fix the charger mount id?
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    Stack Overflow Exception

    been having odd issues happen shard goes down no reports or reboot check event veiwer and got this Faulting application name: ServUO.exe, version: 0.5.7266.21996, time stamp: 0x5dd976bb Faulting module name: clr.dll, version: 4.8.4018.0, time stamp: 0x5d4a67fe Exception code: 0xc00000fd Fault...
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    Mechanical Pet Crafting - Pet Crafting, Tinkering Skill

    did you ever fix this?
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    Pet AOE

    Looking for a way to fix pets dealing area damage with weapons and special attacks doesn't matter map or region. Any help is appreciated.
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    Fixed Pet Area Ability Bug

    how did you fix this im having similar issues
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    If anyone that has worked this system before could do the community a favor and double check the work put into this and verify it possibly make a new post to raise awareness?
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    If i just comment said line out it would probably break mining all together 1573640084 1573640727 1573640852 Here it is and its super late enjoy everyone! 56.1 with FS ATS 2.0 & OWLTR 4.0 Added a token drop system with champs (mimics...
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    Hello everyone think i have most everything working just this crash log when mining stone Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Server.Engines.Harvest.HarvestSystem.FinishHarvesting(Mobile from, Item tool, HarvestDefinition def...