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    Sickness System - Testers Needed

    Just saw this thread and this looks pretty cool. I've enjoyed watching you keep getting better and you share some great stuff. It's really appreciated!
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    RunUO scripts. Would anyone like them posted?

    Oh, that works. I'm not sure how long it's been like that since I was gone a while. I used to be able to post a thread right from the section. It seems over-complicated now and confusing to some people that don't know. They probably just think it's broken as we did. Like I never would have...
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    Grand opening - UOUltra

    The "play" and "discord" links on that side are dead too. No way to check it out.
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    Grand opening - UOUltra

    Server dead? dropbox and discord links dead.
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    RunUO scripts. Would anyone like them posted?

    I can't post there either and I have been around a long time. I think that forum is locked for general users like us. Just post it to and then a mod like @Milva can move it to that forum if they want. Hmmm... seems I can't post a new thread in...
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    RunUO scripts. Would anyone like them posted?

    Maybe just post them all in one largew file in the scripts section so you dont have to post them all individually. (unless you want to do that.) You can also upload it to dropbox or some form of cloud storage and just share a link if its a really big file. I know I would certainly like to see...
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    Plant Harvesting System 2.0

    Any chance you can upload a copy since the download link that the original poster shared doesn't work?
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    Level System 3 - Rerelease

    I personally like the idea of loot based off level however I feel not everyone will want it that way to maybe make that an option you can enable or disable?
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    Runuo entire Website

    Same with me Vorspire. I got excited for a minute but quickly found out pretty much nothing works. :(
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    UO Black Box - Open Beta

    One of my most anticipated features, remote connection! You are killing it Draco, really appreciated!
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    UO Black Box - Open Beta

    Thanks! I am so grateful to have a updated alternative / replacement for Pandora. You are awesome and killing it with updates. Thanks from the community!
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    UO Black Box - Open Beta

    Do you have an available "to-do list" or road map or anything? just wondering if there was a way to see what features are being planned for or what to look forward to. Any kind of website or gethub with that info? Just curious. Thanks for your contribution!
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    New errors with nightly servuo build 10-17-2019

    With the changes to runebooks Vita-Nex is now erroring out. This is the errors: Errors: + Custom/Systems/VitaNex/Core/Items/Books/RuneCodex/RuneCodex.cs: CS7036: Line 599: There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'type' of...
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    Sphere Server Client 6x Help Plz

    You might want to seek help on the Sphere Server forums. That's a completely different emulator than ServUO.
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    Supply Stones

    Thanks for sharing, just so everyone knows at a quick glance, these are for various crafting skills. It's a stone when clicked gives a bag of items for that specific skill. For example an alchamists stone will give a bag of bottles, reagents and a tools. Etc.