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    Ultima Odyssey

    Yea it works for me now. it looks like he made an adjustment cause when I go to the download now it's different. 1571351080 Should just leave the "saves" folder alone. that's what contains all the accounts and such.
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    New errors with nightly servuo build 10-17-2019

    With the changes to runebooks Vita-Nex is now erroring out. This is the errors: Errors: + Custom/Systems/VitaNex/Core/Items/Books/RuneCodex/RuneCodex.cs: CS7036: Line 599: There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'type' of...
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    Ultima Odyssey

    hey Djeryv, just wanted to let you know I have been trying to download the updated server since yesterday and while I can download the ClassicUO and the Razor from your Google Drive fine, whenever I click server it and I click download it tries loading for a few minutes than erroring out. Says...
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    Sphere Server Client 6x Help Plz

    You might want to seek help on the Sphere Server forums. That's a completely different emulator than ServUO.
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    Supply Stones

    Thanks for sharing, just so everyone knows at a quick glance, these are for various crafting skills. It's a stone when clicked gives a bag of items for that specific skill. For example an alchamists stone will give a bag of bottles, reagents and a tools. Etc.
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    Xantos Shrink System

    Nice update!, Thanks a lot!
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    Does anybody have Stygian Abyss client, please?

    This guy needs a custom title of "Client Master" or "Client Collector" or something. He hooked me up with a specific one a few weeks back too, that's why I tagged him. :D
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    Updating servuo?

    Well I know for a fact that books work fine (just tested) on a new install of ServUO with the updated client. So as you add custom scripts / changes check books and see if they break from one of the scripts you add. It could be just using an outdated ServUO or you will find what script breaks them.
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    Updating servuo?

    You're in for some fun. (lol) since your server is a much older version you start by downloading the new distro from the link at the top. Save it to a separate folder and setup a testing server. Use that testing server to slowly incorporate all your scripts, making sure to merge any changes you...
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    Trying to load gump on login?

    Ahhh, I see. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I've never used Visual Studio before but I do see how it highlighting errors is quicker than compiling. Thanks a ton! I just started by defining m again in the brackets and then added the gump directive. thanks for taking the time to...
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    Trying to load gump on login?

    Ok I will work on that. That's really the most efficient way to figure out errors is to recompile the entire server every time? I respect your abilities so I am genuinely asking. This will help me figure out errors better? 1568662577 So I did what you suggested and I have the script loaded and...
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    Trying to load gump on login?

    I am trying to get a custom gump to load on login and I am getting an error I don't understand why. The mobile is already defined in the script as it's used by default to send a message so I just used the same definition to send a gump (making sure it was closed first to prevent duplicates). I...
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    Jako Leveling System (Balanced Pet Leveling)

    I am trying to get this to work. I got the Basecreature edits to work but the animallore gump on the current distro are very different than the one provided. Doing my best to incorporate the changes produces the following errors. If anyone can help me iron these errors out we'll have this great...