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  1. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: June 9th

    Did you know that, Donald Duck turned 83 years old today. The popular duck made his debut in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen. History, needs never be quack'gotten
  2. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: June 6th

    Did you know that, 128 years ago, marks the beginning of the Great Fire of Seattle. Seattle was at that time thriving on local lumber business and most of the buildings were made of wood. The fire started in a lumber mill and quickly became out of control. It ended up destroying 25 blocks of...
  3. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: June 5th

    Did you know that, 28 years ago, a protester dubbed "Tank Man" halted the progress of advancing Tanks during the Tianmen Square Protests of 1989. He managed to hold them immobile for over half an hour. This occured the morning after the government of China has supressed the protest by force...
  4. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: June 1st

    Did you know that, 522 years ago, a monk named John Cor receives, by the order of the king the first recorded batch of Scotch Whisky. It was sent by the king in order to make the "Water of Life". I am certain the monk was not disapointed, he received enough make approximately 1,500 bottles...
  5. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 31st

    Did you know that, 90 years ago, the last Ford Model T rolls out of the assembly line? The T is regarded as the first affordable automobile that was accessible to middle class citizens, they have produced a total of 15,007,003 of them. It ran on 20 HP with a top speed of ± 72 km/h (45 mph for...
  6. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 30th

    Did you know that, 211 years ago, future president Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickinson in a duel? History, needs never be forgotten!
  7. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 29th

    Did you know that, 564 years ago, Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire after a 53 day siege. This effectively ended the Byzantine Empire which ruled from year 330 to 1453. It was a continuation of the Roman Empire and it survived the fragmentation and...
  8. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 26th

    Did you know that, 120 years ago, Bram Stoker publishes his novel named Dracula. The book was not an instant best seller, and the author lived in poverty for pretty much the rest of his life. in 1922 an unauthorized adaptation *Nosferatu" was released in theathers, and a legal battle followed...
  9. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 25th

    Did you know that, 40 years ago, Star Wars is released in theathers. This movie had a budget of 11$M and generated over 750$M of revenu giving it an overall box office ranking of #11 in North America, and #68 Worldwide. This movie had a huge impact on our modern culture, and it opened the door...
  10. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 23rd

    Did you know that, 83 years ago, a young couple of infamous bank robbers are ambushed by the police and killed, ending their streak of terror in Louisiana? The couple in question, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, had a strong cult following, and has been portrayed in many media adaptations...
  11. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 18th

    Did you know that, 37 years ago, Mount St-Helens in Washington erupts. It has often been described as the most disastrous volcanic eruption in US history. Approximately 57 people lost their lives, and the damage cause by it was evaluated at over 3$ billion, 1.1$ billion of that being in...
  12. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 17th

    Did you know that, 27 years ago, the general assembly of the World Health Organization, eliminates homosexuality as a psychiatric disease? History, needs never be forgotten!
  13. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 16th

    Did you know that, 74 years ago, marked the end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. It was an act of Jewish resistance to the Holocaust while the Nazi occupied Poland. They did not want to be transported to Treblinka so they refused to surrender to the police commander. Unfortunately, the police...
  14. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 15th

    Did you know that, 1,796 years ago, Liu Bei, a chinese warlord proclaims himself emperor of Shu Han. We would die about two years later, being succeded by his son. This period, commonly called the Three Kingdoms was a period of civil wars in China. It has a strong popular culture following as...
  15. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 14th

    Did you know that, 78 years ago, the youngest mother in history gave birth to her son at the age of 5 year 7 months and 21 day. She suffered from some sort of early development, she had her first periods somewhere between 8 month and 2 year, and started having noticeable breasts at the age of...
  16. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 11th

    Did you know that, 707 years ago, in France, 54 members of the Knights Templar are burned at the stakes on counts of heresy. The Knights Templar has been for almost 200 years an important christian military organisation that played crucial roles in the crusade. Unfortunately, toward the end of...
  17. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 10th

    Did you know that, 42 years ago, Sony introduced the Betamax videocassette recorder in Japan. It could record up to two hours of videos, but it eventually became obsolete as it loss the videotape format war to VHS, the latter which evolved to allow up to 8 hours of recording! History, needs...
  18. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 9th

    Did you know that, 631 years ago, England and Portugal enters in an alliance following the marriage of King John 1 of Portugal to Phillipa of Lancaster, daughter of the 1st Duke of Lancaster. This lead to the signing of the Treaty of Windsor. It is the oldest diplomatic alliance that is still...
  19. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 8th

    Did you know that, 37 years ago, the World Health Organisation annouced the complete eradication of smallpox? Smallpox was an infectious disease causing severe rashes and eventually evolved to a bunch of blisters all over the body. It could cause death in serious cases, and for a long time it...
  20. Made In Quebec

    Event of the day: May 7th

    Did you know that, 25 years ago, the maiden flight of the space shuttle Endeavour occurs with mission STS-49. The goal of that mission was to retrieve a satellite that was not launched properly and relaunch it. The mission was a success. Edneavour would stay in service until 2011 and perform 25...