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  1. ParanoiaPhD

    GenericBuy.cs missing m_MaxAmount =

    so earlier i came to the conclusion that since genericbuy and genericsell are written differently its impossible to change the default 999. I gave up because genericbuy has this code. GenericBuy.cs Has the right coding to change the 999 to whatever you want. using System; using...
  2. ParanoiaPhD

    Creating vehicles for UO

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah that was a misspelling. What a funny misspelling. Sorry about that. Darn membrane keyboard.
  3. ParanoiaPhD

    Help understanding what makes a wounderous, exalted, mythical, ect stat scroll.

    I've changed the stat scrolls a bit so you can get 450 max stat cap but it took away the cool description in the scroll and now its just a dull "stat scroll 450" type of description. I need help understanding this code so I can bring back the descriptors. My stat scrolls go up in 10's so 410...
  4. ParanoiaPhD

    Creating vehicles for UO

    I would like to make the CockworkExodus a vehicle... That would be sick.
  5. ParanoiaPhD

    Undisputed Champion

    Nancy Pelosi is GOD
  6. ParanoiaPhD

    Is the ServUO DEV team working on the new Outlands expantion?

    I just really liked the new emperors dragon. thought that was cool I think a lot of their art is really cool. Yeah that pvp sounds pretty lame I hated para ganking on run uo hybrid. maybe ill try to prevent this on my own shard experiment. thanks for the reply.
  7. ParanoiaPhD

    Best zombie / vampire show?

    I used to think it was "the walking dead" but "z-nation" turned out to be better but I think "the strain" is the best.
  8. ParanoiaPhD

    GenericBuy.cs missing m_MaxAmount =

    I can change the maximum amount that can be bought at a time in GenericBuy.cs but not in GenericSell.cs For example I was able to change m_MaxAmount = 999 to 5000 so now I'm able to purchase 5000 of each reagent at a time but when it comes to selling it's stuck at 999 the default value for both...
  9. ParanoiaPhD

    How do you change the amount of items you can buy or sell at a time to npcs.

    I found a way to change the amount that vendors will stock in genericbuy.cs so they will always stock 980 of almost everything but I only did that because I cant seem to find where to change the maximum amount of an item that you can sell at a time... It's locked at 999. I couldn't get it to...
  10. ParanoiaPhD

    How to set max houses per IP address?

    I red in a couple posts that you can set the maximum amount of houses that a specific IP address can have... All I can find is the maximum amount of houses per account per IP so I can only limit the total max houses per IP buy limiting the number of accounts per IP... The problem is I want...
  11. ParanoiaPhD

    Is the ServUO DEV team working on the new Outlands expantion?

    I think I saw that there is a new expansion called Outlands and I was wondering if the Dev team is working on it... Looks like a butt ton of work I would be willing to test or help if needed or is it a legal issue? 1558295458 LOL its a custom freeshard that released this? I though it was...
  12. ParanoiaPhD

    Force your website to run encrypted (https://)

    So I've had many websites... none of them ever had ssl encryption unless you physically typed in https:// before the domain... SO I found this youtube video that taught me the trick... Basically you create a new file in the same folder as your index pages... So index page for your website or...
  13. ParanoiaPhD

    Bug when setting no item loss on death to occur.

    Yeah so what was causing it was the fact that I removed this line of code. If it's gone the bug happens... I guess Im not sure if this is actually a bug because I actually caused it. if (CheckInsuranceOnDeath(item) && !Young) So I managed to fix it by instead of removing this line...
  14. ParanoiaPhD

    Anyone have any idea how to allow castles in Malas?

    That hit the spot PyrO thanks man I really needed that.
  15. ParanoiaPhD

    Anyone have any idea how to allow castles in Malas?

    Just hoping for some help with this one because I've been shooting in the dark all day at other problems and don't have another one in me... Basically want to know how to unlock housing in all facets for castle placement. Any help getting started would be appreciated.
  16. ParanoiaPhD

    Bug when setting no item loss on death to occur.

    Actually the last post I did seemed to work at the time for some reason... but I tried again today with pvp combat and it didn't work so I got to work on it again and figured this out. Now it for sure is working. public override DeathMoveResult GetParentMoveResultFor(Item item)...
  17. ParanoiaPhD

    Need help with the "You are overloaded" message.

    So I've increased the amount of stones you can carry to 1 million in weightoverloading.cs so you can carry it without being overloaded now. The problem is everything works fine except there is still this annoying message popping up that I can't seem to locate in the scripts! Could anyone help...
  18. ParanoiaPhD

    Bug when setting no item loss on death to occur.

    So I changed the code in playermobile.cs regarding what happens to your stuff when you die. Basically I made it so all your stuff goes into your back pack so you dont have to worry about item insurance anymore. Everything was working fine! I thought I succeeded and moved on. So today I...
  19. ParanoiaPhD

    How to make legenday artifacts spawn 100% of the time?

    Just wanna post this because I've noticed that it's so easy to screw up your settings in reunicreforging.cs and make the loot garbage again. Here is my file that I just remade today and it gets me over 90% legendary artifacts from bosses like clockworkexodus. I would like to note that I've also...
  20. ParanoiaPhD

    Adding armor, jewelry, weapons to clean up britania points system

    So I noticed that you cant get rewarded for legendary artifacts in servuo like you can in regular uo. I tried making my own code to see if I could get points from armor but there is no way I have no idea what I'm doing. Basically something needs to be done like this for power scrolls but for...