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  1. Falkor

    Server Won't Start And Crashed...

    If the path to the client files is correct then you're down to 2 issues: 1) If it's the current ServUO, it is designed to work ONLY with the latest client and features. If you want to use a 5.x client you'll likely have to go with a previous version of the server. I'm not certain but they may...
  2. Falkor

    Trying to add Tree Elementals to Lumberjacking

    His code is checking for a custom item. tool is AxeOfLumberjack Without that tool equipped, the elemental spawn code won't be called. I still don't know if the whole script works as desired but that part seems ok.
  3. Falkor

    Its possible to randomize a champ spawn from a list?

    You'll have to randomly pick one of the champ types at whatever point in your script the champ type gets decided. Each champ type already defines which monster types it contains; you just need to pick the type. The standard champ system already offers "randomized" as a champ type. If you...
  4. Falkor

    Custom made world not showing proper tiles.

    What client are you using to view the world? Make sure your settings in /Misc/MapDefinitions.cs are correct. TileMatrixPatch.Enabled = false; // OSI Client Patch (client version: true <= // false > ) MultiComponentList.PostHSFormat = true; //...
  5. Falkor

    Adding New Mounts To Game

    It has been a very long time since I did this so I don't remember all the steps. If a mobile is not already a mount, there isn't an ItemID that will work as one. You have to add another animation, even if it is just a copy of the original, and point to that as the MountID. edit: Or maybe I...
  6. Falkor

    One Time

    Not only is the stress test with 2.6+ million items impressive, it's also great to know that ServUO will apparently make use of multiple cores.
  7. Falkor

    ServUO OnDeath(Container c) issue...

    BaseChampion does pretty much the same thing and it has a couple of extra checks: public virtual void GivePowerScrolls() { if (this.Map != Map.Felucca) return; List<Mobile> toGive = new List<Mobile>(); List<DamageStore>...
  8. Falkor

    Wrestling base damage

    It looks like you might need to add a check in baseweapon to see if your item is equipped. It's where they handle extra wrestling damage for Horrific Beast form. if (this is Fists && TransformationSpellHelper.UnderTransformation(attacker, typeof(HorrificBeastSpell)))...
  9. Falkor

    Termur OSI map and tile 0x5690

    They aren't visible in the game (hence the nodraw) so you should be able to add bridges where you want and that'd be it. I did some testing tough and it appears that in the other places that show up black on the map (where you circled) the land looks completely normal but you cannot walk or...
  10. Falkor

    Termur OSI map and tile 0x5690

    They are definitely part of the map -- that's why map programs show them. When I modernized a shard from RunUO RC2 to include support for 7.x clients (and gargoyles, flying, etc.) the tiles were already there (part of the map) -- I didn't have to place the flight pathways by hand. They weren't...
  11. Falkor

    ServUO OnDeath(Container c) issue...

    Running the server in debug mode will give you the line number of the crash which will help pinpoint the cause.
  12. Falkor

    Hi All Need help on this one

    If you have edited the art or land files of your client, you'll have to provide the same files to your players for them to be able to see it. There aren't any auto-patching programs that work as far as I know.
  13. Falkor

    Hi All Need help on this one

    So you want people to DL the official client and then drop your custom files in / over them as necessary? That should work fine. It will make the download for your shard much smaller. You'll just have to keep a close eye on the latest client so when they change it drastically your files still...
  14. Falkor

    Is the Ultima Odyssey thread no more?

    Sometimes the happenings on this site are baffling to me. People are always deleting things they had contributed in the past, out of protest or spite or whatever drives them to do such a selfish act. BTW, I've also been tinkering with emulators since Lonewolf. I still don't consider myself a...
  15. Falkor

    New Ores

    It's going to take quite a bit to get them integrated. This thread is very closely related to your question and may be able to answer everything you're looking for:
  16. Falkor

    I need help, who has a VD file for a horse with a rainbow tail?

    That's a normal mob in later clients. I don't know how to extract it as a VD file or I'd gladly do so!
  17. Falkor

    Shining Hue

    Not identical, but very similar. I've added Ashlar's CrazyHue script to the Resources since it appears to have gone AWOL since the RunUO days.
  18. Falkor

    Crazy Hue

    Falkor submitted a new resource: Crazy Hue - Items, clothing, and gear that cycle a range of hues that you specify Read more about this resource...
  19. Falkor

    Crazy Hue 2020-06-13

    This script is originally from Ashlar for RunUO and is unmodified in any way as far as I know. Just drop the folder into your Customs directory and it should run with no issues (at least it does on my code base from Dec 2019). Each of these items means another timer so you probably want to use...
  20. Falkor

    Is there a ServUO server list available somewhere? is one of the few reputable site listings still around. There are others - just google the right terms -- but most are poorly maintained.