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  1. Lokai

    Installing ACC's Complete Spell Systems?

    For AvatarSpell.cs, try using their suggestion of adding the "override" keyword. For the PowerScrollBook.cs, it looks like there is already one in the Server, so you have to pick one to keep or merge them somehow. For the errors that say "no suitable method found to override", you might just...
  2. Lokai

    Installing ACC's Complete Spell Systems?

    All scripts must be placed inside the Scripts folder somewhere to be recognized by the server to be compiled at runtime. So, if you placed the new scripts inside the Master folder, but not inside Scripts, then it makes sense that you get no errors and are not able to use it. It was never...
  3. Lokai

    UO Black Box - Open Beta

    All out of Wax? :p
  4. Lokai

    Resetting Skill Caps for players who existed before updating PlayerCaps.cfg

    As far as I know, changing the config file will automatically affect all players old and new.
  5. Lokai

    Help with cafting, baseshield ServUO 57

    When you say you "don't have any luck" what do you mean? What were you expecting to happen? By adding case 7 you were only getting a 1 in 8 chance that the shield would have that attribute, so were you expecting something different? What was the result? How many shields did you make?
  6. Lokai

    Flags of the World

    Lokai submitted a new resource: Flags of the World - Expands Vorspire's USA Flag idea, with a gump that lets you display the flag of each of 65 nations. Read more about this resource...
  7. Lokai

    Flags of the World 2020-07-13

    Allows you to display the flags of 65 nations of the world. This is an expansion of the idea from Vorspire's "USA Flag". 2 ways to use this right now. 1. [viewflags -- brings up the FlagPickerGump, which lets you browse all 65 nations. The gump is coded to allow you to add or remove countries...
  8. Lokai

    Back Room Rules ... Really? ... Yeah.

    OK. Everyone take a deep breath. All good? OK. This is a post to let you know what is an "acceptable" post, and what is an "unacceptable" post. Yes, it says "...anything goes!" But, come on! Let's not be idiots, ok? Here are some examples of Great posts (with some fill in the blank options)...
  9. Lokai

    Hello World

    Welcome to ServUO! Feel free to post in the Script Support section with any questions about modifying existing scripts or creating your own custom scripts. You can find guides and useful information in the Tutorials and documentation section. I hope you enjoy these forums, and remember that...
  10. Lokai

    Lokai Skills, Tree Harvesting, Building Construction

    This was written in 2014, and not updated much since then. At the time it was completely plug and play compatible, but there have been many changes to ServUO over the years. If you post the errors, most likely we can get past them. It is most likely something easy, like a constructor that was...
  11. Lokai

    Help with my gump + attachment

    If I were you I would skip Radio buttons altogether. Just use variables that get changed and passed back into the gump to "simulate" radio buttons. In this way, the total would get updated before they apply the changes. To show you how this works in pseudo code: public bool m_first, m_second...
  12. Lokai

    Help with my gump + attachment

    Radio buttons and Check boxes are not the same as Reply buttons. A Reply button has exactly one value - which you can find using info.ButtonID. Checks and Radios have more than one value - which are stored in Switches[ ] - which you can get using info.Switches[n], where n is the switch ID. Or...
  13. Lokai

    taming and spellcasting range

    In AnimalTaming.cs in the constructor for the Internal Target, it shows this: base(Core.AOS ? 3 : 2, false, TargetFlags.None) That shows that the range is 3 in AOS+ or 2 below that. Range for most spells will be configured in each spell.
  14. Lokai

    Not A Bug T2A Magic Reflection not working ?

    Moved this to Bug Reports
  15. Lokai

    Someone please make a map1.mul with Ocllo Haven AKA Haven Island in it PLEASE

    You could spawn the RunUO 2.0 world using Nerun's Distro:
  16. Lokai

    Someone please make a map1.mul with Ocllo Haven AKA Haven Island in it PLEASE

    And this was taken using Feladrin's and my RunUO 2.0 RC1 found here:
  17. Lokai

    Someone please make a map1.mul with Ocllo Haven AKA Haven Island in it PLEASE

    I took this screenshot using Feladrin's and RunUO 2.1. It would not load correctly using ServUO. Also, even on RunUO 2.1 it still tries to drop you in New Haven on startup, so you start out in the woods to the West. Also, deco would not work properly as is, so you would probably need to...
  18. Lokai

    Someone please make a map1.mul with Ocllo Haven AKA Haven Island in it PLEASE

    Did you try installing a fresh UO install using a CD made from the ISOs on this page?: There is an LBR client CD image there and an AOS client CD.
  19. Lokai

    Xanthos Question

    Could be a range thing or a limit to how often it can be used. Most likely range.