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    Vendor plot for public

    With all cs-files deleted except VendorTile.cs, Milva's works well by now on ServUO publish 57+. All I need is [add PlayerVendorTile and [add TownContractOfEmployment. Thanks.
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    Invasion System

    Testing on ServUO publish 57+, an error appears since the faction-feature is removed from ServUO. 1596792005 After invalidating the 4th line in Invasion System.CS, every thing is fine by now.
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    ServUO - Vendor Rental Contract Locations

    A script wrote by Bittiez could solve it.
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    Player Vendor Tile

    Thank you,@Bittiez .:DThis is what am I looking for. It's a must-have in every shard.
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    Account Info Gump

    The UI change should be mentioned. Quite UO now.
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    Trade-off between EasyUO and ServUO

    It's kind of the ultimate solution. ;)
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    Trade-off between EasyUO and ServUO

    @Falkor Thanks for your reply and kind reminding of re-compiling. I tried to delete checkers for mul-files. However, ServUO.exe still found and read the mul-files.Following is my edited code. public TileMatrix(int fileIndex, int mapID, int width, int height, string path) {...
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    Trade-off between EasyUO and ServUO

    As mentioned in, EUO requires the mul-files in UO directory of old version to work, while ServUO.exe searchs and reads the mul-files once you drag-and-drop them into UO directory. Old version mul-files cause map error when enter SA...
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    Fixed Arena Master offers Taming quest

    Yes, Im so confused that come to search for the quest. o_O
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    How to modify the accountgold of players?

    People could use the script in It's cool indeed.
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    Account Info Gump

    This tool is incredibly amazing. I have always wanted to modify accountgold for testing. Thank you, Dexter_Lexia .
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    How to modify the accountgold of players?

    In properties gump, i cannot edit accountgoldo_O However, the accountsovereigns is editable in the gump.
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    Updating UltimaStore.cs

    hi,danielsheep. its pleasant to find someone trying to duplicate the OSI vendor settings. im a noob and cannot help you. however, i find the banker in royal city is absent...i searched and found nothing directly related in this forum.The most related post is yours. Is there a vendor gump that...