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    INSANEUO - Pre-AOS blended with Post-AOS with many rules nullified and tons of mods.

    This server is looking for players. There is no skill gaining on the server all gains are done through the provided skill balls so that aspect of the game has been completely removed and then some... If interested in trying something completely new and different from anything else out there I...
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    09/22/2020 - Needing update on how to, get servuo instructions and walk through...

    you need the frame work and something else... its like visual studio run time or something...
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    Need help with a container override to prevent server crashes.

    So i tested this on my admin character lol... There is actually code in container.cs that allows admins to go over the max items infinitely i think... I think thats what it said so im testing on a regular character... The bug was a troll please delete this thread thanks
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    Need help with a container override to prevent server crashes.

    I need to set up an override for containers that checks if it has reached its item limit and if so any item dropped into it would be dropped to the ground. I was recently made aware of some kinda bug that allows you to over flow containers. for some reason im not sure why but in my server the...
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    Need help with keeping reds and criminals out of tram

    dude you guys freaking rule thank you so much! 1600068824 well I tried... I tried just about every trick in my book lol if (MapMap.Trammel) { if (Criminal || Murderer) { MoveToWorld(new Point3D(1399, 1873, -90)...
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    Need help with keeping reds and criminals out of tram

    My shard has the ability to go grey in tram and also be a murderer in tram. I want to make it so any red entering tram or any one who becomes a criminal in tram will be telleported to a specific location in fel. So technically it would be awesome if they just auto disappeared to fel but the way...
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    Randomly can't connect until I type something?

    I have this issue with my server that is pretty random (doesn't happen every single time). Basically the server gets booted up and everything looks fine only no one can connect. The server doesn't even say that someone tried to connect. Now I go in and type anything into the servuo.exe and then...
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    How to say "or" in code

    I know "!" mean "not" but how do i say "or"?
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    Errors unpacking the latest UO gumpart.mul

    So I tried a few uop unpackers on the latest uo files as of 8/24/2020 and it always says it has failed and that the file is only 9000kb big while the file from client was over 100,000kb. I'm looking for the following files unpacked from a client that is at least as I think...
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    Trying to develop new shard could use some advice

    you should use existing CleanupTrashBarrel system as you can simply modify the existing rewards and what not. For a noob and anyone really noob or not this is a viable way to achieve what your thinking. Shard tokens seems like something you need to know coding to do... but you could create a...
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    I didn't think to comment out lines of server code haha. I'll give it a go. As for the reason why I want it... Essentially it will make in-game world editing easier. I prefer in-game world building over centered as you can walk around and experience it as you go (with anyone looking at it auto...
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    Best approach to artifact creation?

    yeah its pretty simple you just open the weapon you want to alter slightly in notepad++ and then replace the item name with the new arti your creating then just set the new props. Once you get in the groove it goes by fast. I would just go with the 200+ scripts idea as it would actually be...
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    Upon completeting the instructions and attempting to compile the server code I get this error. I tried to add ", (short)m_hue;" but it doesn't exist in the current context and there is no way I will figure out how to get it into context.