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  1. Espcevan

    Level System 3 - Rerelease

    Got this installed with no issues. So far I'm Liking it. Figured I would at-least comment on the ease of Integration. Can't wait for future updates to this.
  2. Espcevan

    Share your world building.

    DragonMod11 Swatch for Photoshop.rar
  3. Espcevan

    Share your world building.

    I use Photoshop and have a color scheme for for the map with correct landscapes. And i use Dragonmod11 to convert it to a map.
  4. Espcevan

    Share your world building.

    This is just a Map I started messing with. Not sure how much I will do with it, but we will see!
  5. Espcevan

    Date shown on item

    Would you mind posting your finding for others to use when looking this question up? I don't need the answer but others might sometime. ;):D
  6. Espcevan


    No I'm not trying to make my own, I was just using JoinUO
  7. Espcevan


    I have been having an issue with JoinUO for a few days now. When I log into the Control Panel, I get this error... Warning: fopen(./skins/Dark Elegant Blue/user_cp_start.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/www/uoempirewebsite/JoinUO/sources/misc/skin.php on line 45...
  8. Espcevan

    Best memories of UO.

    A few years ago, maybe 7-10, I was playing on a free server, ShadowCove. It was a fully custom server with custom spells and skills. After being a mage/tamer and a miner/smith for a time I decided to give the Necromancer skill a go. None of the spells were like the normal necromancer spells so...
  9. Espcevan

    Bulk Order Help

    I've been working on this project off and on for a little bit, and came across an issue. When trying to fill BOD's that take stacked items, It first started to delete the stack and only count as 1. I since then was able to get it to take the amount, and record it to the BOD. Every so often I go...
  10. Espcevan

    Spirit Speak Chant

    That was a Very Interesting read. Thanks for sharing that.
  11. Espcevan

    Good Luck!

    Good Luck!
  12. Espcevan

    Spirit Speak Chant

    I just noticed this now seeing as I never play a girl character... But why is there no girl voice chants for Spirit Speak?
  13. Espcevan

    my interduction

    Welcome to ServUO.
  14. Espcevan

    Script Ideas

    I have the Extra BOD systems... But they have A-LOT of editing that needs done to make them compatible. Anything in " " is in French and some Items needed are missing. @Gargouille did these up, and was nice enough to send them to me when I asked. Thank You!
  15. Espcevan

    14th Anniversary Mannequin Reward

    Neat. Thank You!
  16. Espcevan

    Quest Cleaner

    Very cool! Thank you for this.
  17. Espcevan

    Cora the Sorceress

    Neat, Thanks for sharing.
  18. Espcevan

    Seed Type Books - Seed Type Books

    This is merely a book that will show the target seeds type. Included in the .rar is a regular one time use book, and an endless use book. I hope someone gets some use out of these.
  19. Espcevan

    Seed Type Books

    Espcevan submitted a new resource: Seed Type Books - A book that reveals the target seeds type Read more about this resource...
  20. Espcevan

    Script Ideas

    What I'm kind of looking for here are some fresh script ideas. If you have some you would like you see because you cant script it yourself or even if you're too lazy to do them... Spit 'em out!