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  1. m309

    Not new, but newly returned!

    Hi all! I'm not new to UO or ServUO, I was one of the original staff/admin when we ported over from CraftUO under Insanity many years ago. As is typical, life got hectic and I took a fairly long hiatus from UO, ServUO and working on my private roleplay shard. Things have calmed down finally and...
  2. m309

    CED+ Setup

    m309 created a new tutorial: CED+ Setup Read this tutorial...
  3. m309

    1,000 Members

    Congrats to ServUO for breaking 1,000 members!!!
  4. m309

    Welcome Lokai!

    Please join me in welcoming Lokai to the ServUO development team! As many of you know, Lokai has been a part of the UO emulation community for many years, and has contributed countless hours of his time assisting all levels of programmers from novice to experienced as well as releasing amazing...
  5. m309

    ServUO with Courageous' True LOS

    Has anyone out there successfully merged the old LOS system by Courageous from RunUO into ServUO yet? Just wondering if theres a time saver out there before I attempt it. :cool:
  6. m309

    New Boats and Galleons

    m309 submitted a new resource: New Boats and Galleons - SA/HS boats Read more about this resource...
  7. m309


    Is anyone else experiencing difficulty connecting to the chat? I seem to have no luck via the Chat button on the NavBar of the forums, or via mIRC externally.
  8. m309

    Commit to Git from VS 13

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed, or if anyone here is using VS 13 yet, BUT. You can commit your code changes to Git directly from the VS Solution Explorer pane. (This may in fact have been in earlier editions of VS too, but I never noticed it if it was) - Simply click the "Pending Changes...
  9. m309

    Merge Tool for Visual Studio

    Hey all, So while chatting with Vorspire I was pipedreaming about how awesome it would be to have a decent built-in merge tool for VS (after already getting tuned in to ReSharper by him). Lo-and-behold, I found these guys: They provide a free...
  10. m309

    Code question above my paygrade

    Alright. So I'm finally getting around to merging in ServUO 54 into what...I my version of like 49, or 50. I can't remember...I've had my face in CED+ for like 6-7 months and haven't written a line of code, much less read too much of it, other than posted changelogs, in that many...