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  1. Vert-I-Go

    Capable Scripter

    Well it would be nice haven't had any responses lol
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    UOFiddler 4.6 - Client interaction not working?

    In options just change the command line to
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    Partial Hue Ships

    Wonder if you could make sails hueable with a different color or artwork upon the sails would be cool also :D and Yes im the animation person I love creating new animations from other games like WOW :D
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    Partial Hue Ships

    Oh ok well hope you don't mind me adding them to the resources did a great job on them
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    Partial Hue Ships

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    Art Partial Hue Ships 2019-04-10

    Here are some .bmps to replace for ships to make them hueable. I didn't do these can't remember where I got them so if I don't give credit its because I forgot where I got these but good job on them. I think a lot of people would like to have colored ships and these should be helpful. You will...
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    Capable Scripter

    Ok I need help with what should be a simple task. This is for RunUO 2.6 I need a spell script to place a item on ground I have the item script but having issues how to create the script for the spell to place item. its for a fire totem that will shoot fireballs at targets which I have created or...
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    Animations Cobramen - Cobramen

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    Mount Seat Z

    I wouldn't mind seeing some LOTR animations. the only reason I only do WOW is because I don't have any other extractors or games to extract from lol would love to get my hands on baulders gate or icewind dale games to extract or other games im just not going to pay for them lol.
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    Mount Seat Z

    No I don't have any set way of lining them up or size mostly by eye I might pull up the animation in fiddler and move it next to my wow extractor for size comparison. Throw the vd file in this thread I can line it up if you want
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    Mount Seat Z

    Well first of all what type of mount animation are you using. There are three types of animations used for mounts. 1. is only the mounted animation like the old horses and llama. 2. Low animation blocks with all animations in them like the beetle swamp dragon etc. 3. is a animation which is...
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    Small character animation

    Yes completely understand this I started a dwarf animation awhile ago. So if you can get these animations to me I can set all the correct values for mounted etc for the z value. the problem is need the hairs and beards also reduced in size and correct position values. The position values are...
  15. Vert-I-Go

    Searching for a .vd file

    Dawn of ultima those animations are from World of Warcraft and I don't think I have seen any animations from the new uop file format as of yet anywhere. I have tried several programs which try and extract from the uop animation files with no success. If someone can get a reliable program to...
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    Mount Seat Z

    Honestly Fiddler is the fastest way it shouldn't take you longer than maybe 15 minutes to raise the mounted animation. I have done hundreds of custom mounts and doesn't take long in fiddler. your not raising every animation block just the ones pertaining to mounted.
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    Small character animation

    You wouldn't need to reduce any wagon or animals or mounts for these just on the riding animation raise the z factor in the animation yourself. Its really not that hard in fiddler you can raise the animation for select blocks ( Riding) to the desired effect instead of reducing all animations for...
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    Capable Scripter

    I am looking for a capable scripter to help with minor scripts for some systems I am working on. Systems are customized spell systems which will be released at a later date. Mostly just need some hints on how to accomplish certain effects in spells. Get kinda burnt out from animations and...
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    Multis Long Dragon Boat - Long Dragon Boat

    A new Long Dragon Ship. This is taken from an existing one but the old boat was to high had to many parts and made it hard to have the tillerman at correct z level so I modified it so no z value was needed to be modified in baseboat.
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    Long Dragon Boat

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